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10th October 2023 (Windows 2012)

Reading Time: 5 minutes You would be absolutely right in thinking that the date 10th October, is only 10 weeks away from Christmas. However, the 10th of October 2023, is a very special day in its own right. It is in fact, the last day of support and security from Microsoft for Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012/R2.

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Lend Me Your Ear

Reading Time: 4 minutes The vast array of headset models can make choosing a suitable one somewhat daunting.  In this short article I aim to help you identify a headset suitable for your needs.

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security breach

MOVEit File CyberHack

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cybercriminals known as Cl0p ransomware group, thought to be part of a Russian crime ring, have exploited a newly discovered flaw within the popular MOVEit file transfer software.

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Virus fuels working revolution

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leading companies are now looking to significantly change the working experience for employees due to the pandemic. Most recently, Salesforce announced it will let all

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Data Deletion

Second-hand data storage danger

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beware when disposing of old data storage devices because these are likely to contain confidential business or personal information. Research company Kaspersky found that 90

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Water Treatment plant

Hackers poison US water supply

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cyber criminals have attempted to poison a city’s water supply in the United States. The attempt sharply highlights how critically important robust cybersecurity is to

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Global PC sales soar

Reading Time: 2 minutes Global sales of personal computers (PCs) soared over the past 12 months as many more people worked from home. Market research firm Canalys reports that

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COVID fuels cybercrime surge

Reading Time: 2 minutes The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has reported a surge in pandemic-related cyber attacks, with more than a quarter of all known incidents related

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Secure Online Authetication

Time to forget passwords?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Major technology providers are now moving towards a password-free world, but is it time for you to forget them? Steps towards a ‘password-less’ environment being

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robots call center

Robotics surge as virus strikes

Reading Time: 2 minutes The scourge of coronavirus could be fundamentally changing the way businesses operate by expanding remote working and accelerating the deployment of robotics and AI. The

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covered computers

COVID changes the world

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are many signs that the COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing the world we live in today. How we work, consume, enjoy entertainment and travel

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NatWest Bank

NatWest’s banking on biometrics

Reading Time: 2 minutes NatWest Bank is developing behavioural biometrics technology which could soon replace conventional passwords. Behavioural biometrics analyse the unique ways customers interact with their devices when

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System Fail Situation

Too many IT projects fail

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many organisations that set out to modernise their legacy IT systems never complete the process, according to new global research. A report commissioned by IT

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Face recognition system

Tech giants suspend police sales

Reading Time: 2 minutes Major technology companies are suspending sales of facial recognition software to US police departments until the laws concerning their appropriate use are tightened up. The

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Zoom corporate headquarters

Zoom danger as pandemic hits

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are growing security fears about the video-conferencing app, Zoom, as millions of people face the possibility of protracted home-working due to the coronavirus. By

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Network Security

Take control of cyber security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many UK businesses are still dangerously exposed to cyber threats because they haven’t got a robust security strategy. According to the UK government’s latest Cyber

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Cyber security

State Actors pose a big threat

Reading Time: 2 minutes British businesses need to use more effective defences against relentless attacks from state-sponsored cyber hackers. Several countries are now using digital interactions to launch attacks

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hacker man

Be ready for cyber attacks

Reading Time: 2 minutes The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has helped stop 658 attacks against UK organisations in 2019 – stark evidence that businesses need to be

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5G technology

Are 5G fears credible?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Concerns about 5G have caused some UK local authorities to ban the erection of new masts to support the new technology. Brighton and Hove City

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4G LTE Wireless Technology

4G or not 4G?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many businesses are unaware that the 4G mobile connections they’re using aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. This is because mobile network operators

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graph on rows of coins

Funding boosts vital tech sector

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Government boost for the UK tech sector is recognition of how fundamentally important IT-related services are now for British businesses. The government’s Future Leaders

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Businessman holding tablet

Record boost for UK tech

Reading Time: 2 minutes Britain’s tech sector has received record amounts of foreign investment so far this year – and it’s broadening the range of IT services available to

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Broadband hit by copper crime

Reading Time: 2 minutes Theft of copper cables continues to be a problem disrupting UK businesses and affecting people’s lives. One of the most recent, in Cambridgeshire, deprived thousands

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Ransomware attack

Ransomware threat soars

Reading Time: 2 minutes Britain’s now a top target for ransomware attacks so all organisations need to be much more vigilant. The UK has suffered a 195 per cent

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Male hand holding telephone receiver

Old bug could still bite

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beware desk phones that enable hackers to listen in on your organisation – because there’s an old bug in many phones that could open doors

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Samsung smart TV logo

Samsung video stirs IoT fears

Reading Time: 2 minutes A worrying warning from Samsung has highlighted the potential threat of cyber-attacks on devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The Korean technology giant

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5g networking sign

5G switch-on starts

Reading Time: 2 minutes 5G is being switched on by UK network operators – offering data transfer speeds of up to 20Gbps for mobile device users. EE launched first

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Computing and malware concept

Cyber threat to UK escalates

Reading Time: 2 minutes The frequency of cyber-attacks on British businesses is escalating at an alarming rate according to latest research. The research, commissioned by the internet service provider

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Windows 8 Start

Stop using IE warns Microsoft

Reading Time: 2 minutes Businesses still using Internet Explorer should face the fact that Microsoft does not want them to use it anymore. Microsoft’s worldwide lead for cyber security,

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5G hologram

O2 to launch 5G this year

Reading Time: 2 minutes O2’s launching 5G services this year ahead of its rivals. However, will businesses in the South East benefit? The mobile network operator has said that

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Update concept on laptop, tablet and smartphone screen

Good patch management’s vital

Reading Time: 2 minutes Making sure all your company’s software is up-to-date is essential for the secure and efficient running of your business. However, proper “patch management” is often

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microchip and syringe for microchipping on table

Microchips for employees?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Could embedded microchips benefit employees and their companies? It is very reminiscent of Orwell’s classic, ‘1984’ and very Big Brother. In fact, companies are already

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Hacker from russia

Russia wages cyber war

Reading Time: 2 minutes UK businesses need to be ever-vigilant about the threat of cyber attacks from Russian hackers. Recent attacks on government entities have been blamed on members

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Sussex Wildlife Life Ball

Sussex Wildlife Trust Ball

Reading Time: < 1 minute Over 200 guests attended the Sussex Wildlife Trust Wilderness Wonder Charity Fundraising Ball at The Grand Hotel Brighton on Saturday 15th September 2018. It was

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Big demand for secure messaging

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many people don’t realise that emails can be easily intercepted and read. That’s why many British companies are choosing a new secure messaging solution to shut out prying eyes.

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