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It’s a wonderful thing that remote access software has come of age, just when the business world needed it. There is an ocean of choice of digital tools to help you work better, faster and more securely, and they are more sophisticated and integrated than ever before.  

Whilst it might sound like sandy beaches and working in your pyjamas, it’s a digital journey that must be taken really seriously for organisational success. So how do you manage it all when there’s a problem? 

If you’re going to let your team remotely access their work where they want, when they want, the key is getting your remote support solution set up just right. 25 years of working with IT means CNC can take the headache out of the technology heartache. We can support your business with the most secure, robust, cost effective and most importantly, pain free remote IT solutions for your business. 

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The greatest benefit of remote working is productivity

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Anywhere work goes permanent 

There are some incredible technologies out there that make it possible for your business to stay connected 24/7, wherever your team is in the world.   

The skill is finding the one, or combination of technologies which is absolutely right for you and your team. CNC can help you to set up your remote access software in such ways that truly augment not only your business, but your employees, and you. 

Get the right tools that get the best from your team 

Now everyone has their version of hybrid working up and running. The sound of crying babies in the background has disappeared, but technical problems still arise. The stress of the camera not working just before your presentation to two people or two hundred. We feel your pain. Or not being able to log on to the company network? We’ve been there too. When it all goes wrong in the field, office life suddenly seems not so bad. 

Worry not, we can help you by putting the right kind of remote IT support solutions in place before it all threatens to go wrong. Our UK-based helpdesk team are there 24/7/365 to help with every kind of emergency. 

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All the power of the office remotely 

The greatest benefit of remote working is productivity. On the flip side, remote workers complain about loneliness, bad backs, and technology problems.  Buy a good chair, a good desk and take the 90s rock band poster off the wall. Now is the time to install a bulletproof IT network, built for the new normal. Consider these items as part of your way of anywhere working done right:

  • Use an external monitor (laptops are great, but an external monitor is much more relaxing, and visually more comfortable.)
  • A docking station – if you need to connect to several devices, such as printers and scanners.
  • If you really want to get comfortable, a wireless keyboard and mouse is just the icing on the technological cake– the joy of less clutter. 

Take and make calls as if you’re in the office – VoIP 

If lower costs, seamless telephone calls between the office and remote workers, instant scalability or crystal-clear voice quality is your thing – VoIP is the answer. And because it’s internet based, you can send documents, images and videos while you’re talking. 

Make VoIP part of your unified communication strategy. 

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID 
  • Auto attendant 
  • Call transferring to anywhere in the world 
  • Automated menus 
  • Conference calling 
  • Use a softphone with your laptop 
  • Call waiting 
  • One click calling 
  • 3-way calling 

The beauty of a VoIP system is it’s not just a phone system for a large company, SME’s can benefit from it too. 

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Cybersecurity protection at its best

Remote working is a new landscape, uncharted territory which cyber criminals will take full advantage of, which means you need to build a zero-trust, identity centric fence around any remote computer outside of your business. 

Working out of the office can potentially open up your company’s internal systems to attack. The list of tools that cyber criminals have at their disposal to surmount your IT defences is beyond annoying and continues to grow. 

CNC can help protect your team and your business. We can set up unattended remote access so that you can access and take control of your office computer when needed. We can help you build a work from home security policy. Endpoint detection and response is your key to stopping your company becoming a statistic. It allows you to respond quickly to threats and prevent unauthorised access to your company 24/7/365.

Digital transformation and personal customer care you can trust 

We take IT really seriously, and we know that technology can transform a company’s fortunes and create a golden egg.  Work smarter, not harder they say. 

Whichever digital path you choose, CNC helps you get the best from your remote workforce IT solutions.  

Call us now to discuss your IT needs. 

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