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How we work

6000 end users, across 175 companies, trust us with their success every day

Breaking down barriers

We understand that technology should be a help, not a hindrance.

Innovation, smart application and intelligent systems design are buzzwords and phrases that look good on paper, but without a robust, reliable support operation to rely on, most companies find themselves counting the cost of a dysfunctional IT network in lost revenue, high churn and unfulfilled potential.

Since starting the company 27 years ago, we’ve lived by a simple governing principle – look after the technological fine print, so our clients don’t have to. We understand that you’ve got bigger fish to fry and more important things to focus on.

Business owners understand that quite often it’s people, not processes, that make the difference, and we’re no different.

Our clients benefit from the wealth of expertise we’ve cultivated in all aspects of managed IT support – from standard maintenance to infrastructure replacements, consultancy services, cybersecurity, commercial broadband, disaster recovery and a whole lot more.


“CNC have helped us achieve so much more than I thought our network was capable of. They’re a team of dependable, trustworthy IT professionals that are an asset to every business that they work with.”

Keith Kentish – Director – TFC Europe

Lightning-fast, proactive support

With guaranteed response times and available 24x7 we have a 50 strong team of technicians who are ready to respond quickly to your requests.

Our 50-strong support team is the engine room of our operation. Many of our engineers have been with CNC for 10+ years, allowing us to forge strong commercial bonds with our clients that are far greater than the sum of their respective parts.

We live by the “two R’s” – response and resolution. We judge ourselves on how long it takes us to respond to issues, and how quickly they get fixed. It’s that simple. No bells and whistles. No jargon-riddled reports. We fix things, and they stay fixed.

We hold regular review meetings with key stakeholders in our clients’ organisations that gives us nowhere to hide. You’ll see how much of a difference we can make from day one.

We understand the huge responsibility that comes with maintaining a client’s network, and we treat each and every support ticket with the TLC it deserves, from low priority calls to high risk incidents.

Our helpdesk is available around the clock to ensure that no matter what the problem is, we have a team member ready to remedy it and eliminate any residual disruption. We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line support services from staff who are certified experts on a huge range of commercial IT platforms.

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IT as a partnership, not a service

We have a project team of highly skilled engineers who are experienced in a wide range of technologies including cloud services and cybersecurity.

We don’t view ourselves as a run-of-the-mill IT support provider who you only speak to when something goes wrong. Our clients expect us to treat their network as we would our own, and that’s precisely what we do.

An MSP should be a valued partner that acts in unison as a support provider, consultant and trusted technological advisor. As our clients’ operation grows, so does our knowledge of how they work. The longer the relationship lasts, the more value we can add to growth plans, large projects such as cloud migrations and digital transformation initiatives.

Nobody can accuse us of being too rigid. Far too many MSPs are content with assigning a monetary value to every last interaction, support ticket or hardware change.

We understand the frustration that can cause, and whilst all of our clients benefit from a transparent support scope and a professional attitude to managed services, we’re more interested in the mutual long-term benefits of becoming a one-stop-shop than squeezing every last time out of a service contract.

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Nurturing Growth

Your business needs will change over time so it's important to choose a partner like CNC who can adapt to your evolving needs.

IT has the power to revolutionise the way your organisation does business – from sales functions to HR, manufacturing, supply chain operations and order fulfilment.

We make it our mission to put hardware and software workflows in place that remove barriers to growth and affect positive change not only on an operational level, but on your bottom line too.

Our clients come to us looking for the technological breathing space that’ll allow them to take their company to the next level. It’s rarely, if ever, about the here and now. Our solutions are built with commercial growth and operational expansion in mind.


Our old provider was holding us back in so many ways. Issues took forever to get fixed and they didn’t stay fixed. CNC restored our confidence in the MSP sector and made a huge difference to our day-to-day operation. We can’t thank them enough..”

Peter Burrluck, Information Systems Manager, MDJ Light Bros Ltd

Our Directors

Technical Sales Director

Graham Lind

With overall responsibility for CNC’s Account Management and Sales activities, Graham has been helping businesses put together innovative, commercially-focused IT solutions for the past 34 years.

Operations & Marketing Director

Gary Jowett

In 1996, Gary staged a management buyout of CNC who, along with his co-director Graham Lind, shared a vision to transform the company into a service-based business, with customer service excellence at its core.

Technical Director

Adrian Cragg

Adrian brings a unique skillset to CNC’s Management Team, having carried out senior roles within all areas of the MSP industry, from service to projects, onboarding and sales support duties.

Professional Services Director

Graham Dyer

Graham holds the monumental responsibility of overseeing all of CNC’s project installations and internal changes, ensuring that we keep our clients – and ourselves – one step ahead of the technological curve.

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