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Roman invasions and the battle of Hastings, Sussex has a long history at the hub of change. And the future? The south coast is a beautiful place for an enterprising startup, established mid-size company or blue chip global player. Whatever the size of company, whatever your IT needs, if you are looking for best in class for outsourced IT support in Sussex – CNC is on hand to support you all the way.

There is a world of business opportunities out there, one has only to reach out and take them. Can IT help you? Do your IT systems and network assist you in taking your company forward? Or, do you find your infrastructure holds you back? What improvements to your systems would help you to achieve your vision? Off the shelf solutions will only you get you so far. Perhaps, if your IT had that little more of an edge, you could take your organisation further.

Outsourced IT Solutions that really work hard for your business

Supporting firms of 6-300 employees

That’s where outsourced IT can really introduce excellence in to your business.  CNC can help you with your IT problems, by taking them away. So often is the case that a companys IT is something inherited, or developed over a number of years, which can be good, but is it best?

Outsourced IT support is about flexibility, reducing your costs, improving your performance. If you don’t have an IT department but you would like full-time support – CNC can help you. Or you may already have your own IT department, CNC can be their additional support when needed, no problem – CNC can help. If you need us on-site or working on a project-by-project basis, our skilled IT engineers are there for you to use as you need them. That’s outsourced IT support working for you.

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Improving your business performance

As your technology partner, we use bespoke tools to:

  • constantly monitor your systems
  • pre-emptively solve any problems
  • ensure maximum availability of your critical business resources
  • improve your IT’s operating performance
  • prepare your business for the future

    CNC can help you bring out the best in your company.

“It’s like we have a 10-strong permanent in-house IT team poised to help whenever asked.”

DT, CEO, tech start-up, Brighton


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Not all businesses are the same, every one of them is so unique. It’s the same with your business needs, what you need to perform is unique as to how you do business. For 25 years, CNC has been working across a wide range of business sectors, engineering, medical, manufacturing, hospitality, the list goes on.  We’ve gathered up all that experience and it’s at the end of a phone call for you.

‘What is so exciting about IT support? It can really amplify the talents within your company and all at monthly fee’.

You can finally control your IT costs per month. Whether you’re based in the southeast of England, or have offices around the UK, or the globe. When your IT lets you down, CNC’s outsourced IT support team will get you back up on your IT feet, as fast as possible, so that your team continues doing their best. Your customers will notice the difference, because you’ll be thinking about your business, and not about your IT.  CNC will do that for you.

“CNC have once again proved that they are adaptable and can step up in times of need to assist clients with overcoming business IT challenges.”

EW, IT Manager, construction company, Crawley

Talk to us, share what you’d like to achieve.

If you need help with:

  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Back-Up & Disaster recovery
  • Business Broadband Services
  • IT Infrastructure Consultancy
  • Business telephony systems
  • IT Hardware & Software Supplier
  • Apple Mac Support
  • IT and Cyber Security
  • Cloud & Hosting Services
  • Patch Management
  • Microsoft Teams & 365

IT solutions custom built to get the results you really want

Outsourced support is about having someone always on your side, it’s not only about saving on IT costs, it’s about having someone who is involved in helping you get the best out of your business. You’ll have a CNC account manager from the moment you start the onboarding process.

We will guide you through the whole transfer from your old systems to CNC. We will also be looking out for your IT future. What do you need? What are your plans for taking your company forward? Your account manager will be able to highlight the technical issues for you and come back to you with a plan that is not only future-proofed but cost effective. And to make sure its totally CNC quality, you’ll always have director led involvement on all of your IT. So, you know you’re in good hands. 

Taking your IT forward

If your considering change, looking for an IT partner that will help you to achieve what you want, let’s have that conversation. A simple review of your IT status; where you are on your digital journey, could be the making of your business.

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The value of experience

Innovative vs tried-and-tested solutions

We’ve worked in many different business sectors. Chances are, yours is among them.
We welcome you to pick our brains. Take advantage of our extensive IT knowledge, and our cross-fertilisation of best practices and technologies.

Our 25 years of experience gives us the confidence to innovate, when necessary, as well as the wisdom to know when a tried and tested solution is the best.

Below are industries where we have considerable experience. If your business is in one of them, follow the link to see how we can support you.


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