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Business internet services that are fast, secure and built for you 

Fully scalable, fully flexible connectivity

If you need to bring the world into your office or working space to do business, your company is only as good as the power of your internet connectivity. The quality of your business broadband connection is the heart and soul of a company. It’s the cornerstone service that you need to get right, to make your business the best it can be.   

There’s just nothing more frustrating than a poor-quality broadband connection, one that gets crowded the minute you send a file and slows down; that’s no good. Productivity is the key to a successful business. 

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No matter your size or location, CNC can connect your team and your business better. 

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Do more, spend less, save time 

At CNC we offer a full range of business broadband solutions designed with your business in mind. Wherever you are in the UK, whatever business sector you’re in, CNC can power your business with the right kind of broadband service from 40 meg up to one gigabit. And we are talking matched upload and download speeds that are fully synchronous, which is ideal if your business is data heavy, so no one is standing around for long.

Turn up the power with CNC

If you want your team to experience real business connectivity, you may consider a leased line. It’s like having direct broadband, laser focussed from your office to the internet.  

The key thing about a leased line is its contention ratio. You don’t have to share it with anyone outside of your organisation, and you get those superfast upload/download speeds we were talking about.  It means you can send data as fast as you can receive it, which means you don’t have to plan when to send a file, you can just send it and know it’s done.   

Are you looking for an internet connection that is robust, secure and as fast as you need? Whether you’re an SME or a large company with 1000s of employees all over the UK, no matter your size or location, it’s not a problem, CNC can connect your team and your business better. 

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Upgrade your world with ultra-fast fibre-optic business broadband 

Do you want to position your business in the heart of your marketplace? Does your business need access to on-premise servers, or are you using cloud hosted servers or both? CNC’s fully managed business broadband solution could be your answer.  

Fully scalable, fully flexible connectivity 

Maybe you need more powerful broadband because you need high quality video conferencing to talk to the team, or maybe things are taking too long when it comes to your company internet. You need the right business broadband solution. 

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Get your broadband under control with CNC 

CNC broadband support means we are with you 24/7/365 monitoring your lines, to make sure you can do business when you want to. And to make sure we do; you’ll receive best practice SLAs as part of your business contract as standard.  

  • Increase or reduce your bandwidth as you need it 
  • Fully flexible pricing options that work to your budget  
  • Robust and secure 

Support your critical applications with the right broadband speed 

At CNC we know how important it is to get your goods and services out to your chosen market, or simply that you want to communicate with the whole world. Get more done with CNC business broadband services. 

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