Outsourced IT Support Services

IT is more than just technology

The changing digital landscape makes it critical to stay on top of your IT.

Technology makes the world go round, and to drive your business forward, your IT infrastructure should be super fast, robust and secure at all times. For business owners and managers across every sector, fully managed outsourced IT support services are an effective strategy for nurturing and growing a business.  

Entrusting your tech into the hands of an experienced and passionate team means that your infrastructure, network monitoring and cybersecurity are taken care of, and you can concentrate on doing what you do best – managing your teams, bringing in customers and growing your business. CNC offers outsourced IT support solutions that are personalised and cost-effective to help you get the best from your business. 

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At CNC we use industry-leading tools to help you work better, faster and more securely, wherever you are, (and wherever we are). 

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From near and from far 

The world is evolving and businesses are adapting to the needs of clients and customers. With increased flexible working, working from home and hybrid teams, connectivity is more important than ever, and the changing digital landscape makes it critical to stay on top of your IT.  

Working from home looks like it’s set to stay. Saving money and time on the daily commute enhances employee productivity, and many companies are adopting it as standard working practice. But as a result of working physically apart, businesses must prioritise connectivity and IT, for the benefit of their staff and customers.  

IT solutions to help your business deliver 

Whatever your version of remote working (working from the beach, or connecting to colleagues via Zoom on a train) we’ll make sure you stay up and running all day (and night if you need it). And when IT problems rear their heads, like your network going down an hour before the AGM, we’re on hand to get everything up and running as seamlessly in the field as it was in the office. 

Outsourcing your IT is an effective way of keeping your team working together, from remote locations. At CNC we use industry-leading tools to help you work better, faster and more securely, wherever you are, (and wherever we are). 

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Outsourced IT solutions designed for you  

From communications to cloud migration, disaster recovery, server support, including monitoring, user support including asset tracking and audits, the CNC team offers you complete control of your IT systems. We understand budget restraints, so we tailor a plan that works for you. From full-service level agreements (SLAs), you can choose from a 30 minute to two-hour response time, to ad hoc services or full managed support, we create a strategy that works for the individual needs of your business. 

What’s the tech that makes you really tick? 

We believe that integration is key to a seamless and stress-free experience for your customers and your teams. Getting your IT support right saves time and money and gives you a competitive advantage to help you stay ahead in your business sector.  

We take your digital journey seriously and we know how important it is to be fully operational in order to run your business. When there’s a problem, we are on hand to solve it and we believe in full transparency and communication. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process, so you retain full control. 

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The CNC promise – commitment, experience, transparency  

Our outsourced IT engineers are your partners, collaborating closely and offering constant support. And the same with our UK-based helpdesk team, on hand 24/7, 365 days a year. Our IT outsourcing goes beyond day-to-day support. It works continuously alongside your strategy, reducing costs and improving productivity. 

Our senior management team is directly involved in every project. We’re not sales people, we are tech gurus who want to help you run your business with the best IT infrastructure. We are highly trained individuals who have come together to help businesses grow. Our values of trust, integrity and honesty dictate our work and we aim to grow with you as partners. 

Customer care is our priority and we are passionate about your success. We are fully qualified, certified and highly experienced, and committed to standing by your side throughout your IT journey. 


Making your life easier and your business more profitable 

We work with start-ups, SMEs and e-commerce businesses to solve the headaches that come with under-par technology. Our cost-effective solutions take the stress out of IT. With the help of the best technology on the market, coupled with skilled and experienced people, we keep your business connected 24/7.  

We are obsessed with IT, but we’re driven by the human element of your business. We get under the skin of the way you work and your needs drive our strategies. We’re invested in the values that lie at the heart of your business and we bring together the IT solutions that are right for you. 

Our experienced engineers ensure that you’re not faced with surprises or distractions. We offer digital transformation and personal customer care on a level that works for you. 

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We love to talk about doing better business   

At CNC we specialise in bringing people together through technology. Our integrated systems, products and solutions put your business, your teams and your customers first. Your aims and ambitions, values and personality are at the heart of everything we do, and we leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve your goals. Our tailored offerings allow you to communicate, collaborate and connect in your voice. 

If things are not ticking along as smoothly as you’d like, call our team in to work with professional efficiency to identify and solve your issues so you can get on with delivering improved service, better products and serving your customers.  

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us and get the right kind of outsourced IT support that works as hard as you do.