Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster & Backup Recovery Services

How quickly can you get back to business when disaster strikes?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Business life can be so busy, we can just plain forget, or sometimes think it won’t happen to us. Or perhaps the plan to get the business back on its feet in the face of disaster is out of date? Backup and disaster recovery is one of those things you really do need. That’s tech for you. 

Imagine a customer trying to buy a product and your website is down? Or a client trying to get in touch with no luck? Your server crashes? An engineer working outside cuts through your broadband connection. It happens more often than you think!  

Or maybe you’ve been sent a phishing email and are now the victim of a malware or a DDoS attack. It’s the stuff of nightmares for business owners and it’s critical to be prepared for the worst. Customers won’t wait, and the business and your data must be protected at all costs. So, how quickly can you get back to business when disaster strikes? 

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CNC backup and disaster recovery solutions are bespoke, efficient and are built around the way your company works.

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Specialist Disaster Recovery Services

This is where we come in. With 25 years’ experience working across different sectors in the UK, we understand that every business is unique and has specific needs. CNC backup and disaster recovery solutions are bespoke, efficient and are built around the way your company works. 

We start by having a conversation about planning for the unthinkable. We know it’s scary but being prepared is a game changer. The business must be able to recover from an interruption and maintain continuity in the face of the unexpected. 

Online and on your A-game at all times 

We know how important it is that business is always on. You have to be contactable at all times or your brand reputation and your bottom line are at risk. There are many external factors that we can’t control, but we can plan and ensure that when they happen, your business is protected, safely and securely. 

Prevention is way better than cure, so a robust and effective fully backed-up IT system is a critical element of your infrastructure. But tech is not infallible, so a clear and workable disaster recovery programme is essential for those ‘no, please no’ moments. At CNC we recommend backup internet solutions to boost your connections, the most reliable way to avert network outages.  

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Backup – getting it right from the start 

Our specialist disaster recovery service can help you prevent and resolve unwanted intrusions. We begin by finding out about your business before we undertake a comprehensive audit and identify areas of potential risk. We then create a tailored plan to protect you from the worst-case scenario. 

Back from the edge and onwards to success with CNC 

CNC is waiting for you with an effective disaster recovery plan for your IT and business communications. We’ll get you up and running again before you or your customers have noticed there’s a problem. And if unplanned downtime happens, we’ll minimise the effects and ensure that your customers experience a seamless service without an inkling of the chaos behind the scenes. 

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Keeping you connected

We’ll support you through every eventuality. Our UK help desk has helped thousands of businesses. But don’t take our word for it. 175 companies with more than 6000 end users trust us with their business, so you can too. 

For offsite backup solutions, call CNC for the safest, most secure systems on the market and the most personal, committed service in the IT world. 

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