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Disaster & Backup Recovery Services

How quickly can you get back to business when disaster strikes?

A company’s backup and disaster recovery plan (BUDR) plan is often the difference between being able to continue trading following a critical event or taking the decision to cease operations.

Onsite and cloud backup services

At CNC, we provide our clients with a single and scalable solution that incorporates all the major aspects of modern backup technology and ensures that no single piece of critical data is left untouched, including:

  • Backup and recovery services
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Data recovery from cyber attacks
  • Immutable backups for ransomware protection
  • Software or hardware failure recovery plans
  • Protection against catastrophic data loss
  • Business continuity planning
  • Critical data protection
  • Cloud computing backup solutions
  • Backups for physical servers and cloud environments
  • Hybrid cloud backups
  • Data encryption
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CNC backup and disaster recovery solutions are bespoke, efficient and are built around the way your company works.

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Email backups

No disaster recovery solution is complete without the addition of an email backup service that archives a daily version of your employees’ inboxes to a separate storage repository, distinct from either your onsite email server or your cloud-based email service (such as Exchange Online).

Our email backup service covers the following areas:

  • All data contained within a user’s mailbox
  • All data contained within a user’s OneDrive account
  • SharePoint data
  • 36-month retention period for deleted items

Accidents and intrusions can and do happen. An increasing amount of data is shared via email year-on-year, and you need to ensure that it’s protected from deletion or corruption.

Mailbox backup and recovery

We understand that the loss of even a single email can cause a huge amount of disruption to your business. Our email backup service integrates seamlessly with your existing email client (Microsoft 365-based or otherwise) and works alongside other backup and disaster recovery solutions to provide your staff with peace of mind, day in and day out.

Mimecast email management

We work closely with one of the world’s premier email management, security and archiving and continuity service – Mimecast – to provide our customers with a bulletproof continuity service that provides instant access to mailboxes in the event of a critical mailserver failure.

Microsoft 365 backup service

Microsoft 365 plays an integral role in the day-to-day running of our customer’s infrastructure. No backup and disaster recovery service is complete without an end-to-end solution that covers all the major platforms in the Microsoft 365 suite of products.

Our Microsoft 365 backup service features built-in security protocols that protect all of your critical Microsoft 365 data and cloud workloads, including:

  • Hosted emails
  • The contents of your employees’ OneDrive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Teams data
  • Cloud servers

Our teams are trained to provide fast, efficient support when your employees need to recover a file or any other piece of data.

We understand that even the simplest of deletions can cause a major problem. We treat all recovery requests as a priority, and we’re not happy until you are.

Dedicated Microsoft 365 data protection solution

We provide integrated Microsoft 365 backup solutions that include cloud-to-cloud backups, backups of locally synced files and entire Azure server images that require no additional onsite hardware and are able to restore historic versions of files to a variety of locations across your network.

Our Microsoft 365 business continuity plans also include a full file and folder backup of your SharePoint infrastructure, allowing you to recover critical files from your document management and storage system and keep disruption to a minimum.

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Offsite data backups

It’s never a good idea to back up your data solely to the same physical location that it’s located in – be that the same server, the same site, or even the same geographic location.

When we design data backup and disaster recovery services for our clients, we always ensure that offsite backups play a prominent role in increasing redundancy and improving business resilience across the board.

Unrivalled peace of mind

Our disaster recovery solutions feature robust offsite backups – either to our own data centre or to third-party disaster recovery companies such as Microsoft 365 – and industry-leading disaster recovery software.

If the worst happens, and a critical incident occurs affecting your physical infrastructure (i.e. natural disasters), then you have historic copies of your data that are unaffected, and able to be restored as quickly as possible.

  • Snapshot storage integration, including secure replication
  • Offsite server image replication and data backup
  • Extra physical backup storage locations as required
  • Azure site recovery and Google Cloud Platform support
  • Virtual machine backup

Onsite backups

As well as a comprehensive offsite backup solution, we’ll make sure that you benefit from a dual-fronted approach – encompassing both onsite and offsite backups – to provide the maximum amount of coverage for the least amount of cost.

Our onsite backup and disaster recovery solutions include:

  • Local NAS device backups
  • Dedicated backup servers
  • Full local backups of RAID arrays
  • Removable storage solutions
  • Local data protection
  • Bespoke disaster recovery environment

With our onsite backup solutions, transferring data during both backup and recovery is usually quicker than with cloud or offsite backups, and usually, this will be our first port of call.

Recover files quickly, with zero hassle

Our engineers will identify what needs to be restored, retrieve the local backup from the destination media, and get to work transferring the data to the original location so that your staff remain productive, and business carries on as normal.

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BUDR plans

We understand that crafting an all-encompassing BUDR plan that incorporates the constituent elements of a disaster recovery solution, can be a daunting task for even the smallest of companies, and it’s the one thing that you have to get absolutely spot on.

When a critical incident occurs, your staff need to understand how to react, what procedures to follow, who to call, and what’s expected of your backup provider.

Minimise business downtime

Our disaster recovery service includes end-to-end BUDR planning using a broad range of disaster recovery software packages.

We’ll take the time to sit down with key staff members and map out a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan that leaves no stone unturned and documents every last action that needs to be carried out, in order to get you up and running again.

Transparent disaster recovery services

We’ll outline what our role will be in any given recovery process (including timescales for retrieval from data storage), how long it should take us to perform key actions, and how we’re going to retrieve your data in any given situation:

  • Failed servers
  • Site offline
  • File deletion
  • Email deletion
  • Business application failure
  • Physical disasters

Data redundancy

‘Redundancy’ refers to the practice of keeping data in two or more places within a backup system. It’s the single most important part of any BUDR plan and allows you to weather the storm of critical incidents by having a complete set of data to rely on that’s free from errors or corruption.

A robust, reliable backup process

When it comes to securing your data and offering peace of mind, high availability and data redundancy lie at the heart of everything we do.

From securely replicating snapshots over the Internet to a recovery site to hourly complete copies of your server being sent to three distinct geographical locations, we understand that there’s no such thing as too much redundancy.

Our bespoke BUDR plans take into account the full extent of our customer’s infrastructure and spread backup data over multiple redundant locations and storage devices, using a combination of incremental, differential and full backups taken hourly, daily and weekly.

‘Point in time’ restores

We offer our clients precise ‘point in time’ restores, where they retain the ability to restore their systems back to a specific date and time, rather than using restored data that’s days or even weeks out of date.

Dedicated data centre backups

Data centres are specialised buildings that are designed to hold high-end servers and network equipment, including backup servers and replicated hardware to fire up in the event of an emergency.

Secondary data centre solutions

CNC runs operates its own data centre infrastructure that features cutting-edge disaster recovery software and lightning-fast, redundant connections to high-availability rack equipment, with the ability to receive large volumes of data over the Internet from multiple sites at the same time.

We’ll provide you with all the benefits of a data centre disaster recovery solution, without the associated costs to your company.

Craft a cutting-edge disaster recovery solution

Rather than having to go through the trouble of negotiating a contract, renting rack space and maintaining your own equipment, we’ll provide you with a scalable, custom-designed backup solution hosted in a state-of-the-art storage environment.

  • Terabytes of redundant backup storage
  • Superfast connections that facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data
  • Industry-leading physical security and access controls
  • Host your own servers in a rack, or rent storage space with CNC
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Robust recovery processes

Our staff are trained for every single eventuality and work to strict recovery time objectives. Sometimes, when a server fails, the quickest course of action is to restore your company’s data as quickly as possible onto replacement hardware.

Securing your business data

If we need to do this, our staff are trained to source the replacement hardware that’s required as quickly as possible, double-check the specifications to ensure that it’s able to cater to the required workload, and perform a data migration files from a local backup destination (usually a NAS device or similar backup media).

It’s our goal to get you up and running as quickly, and efficiently, as possible.

Fast, efficient backup and disaster recovery work

In the event of a site failure, a dedicated engineer will prep any required server hardware at CNC HQ, before travelling to site and ensuring that the replacement hardware operates precisely in the same manner as the original failed version.

We’ll use as many backup and disaster recovery appliances as we need to, whether it’s existing or new hardware, to recover any lost data and ensure business continuity.

Virtual Machine backups

Your backup strategy shouldn’t just include physical servers. A hardware failure can also have a huge effect on business-critical systems holding mission-critical data in the cloud, via key vendors such as Microsoft Azure, or any number of fully managed public cloud environments.

Virtual server backups

We’ll ensure that not only are your virtual machines (be they servers or workstations) stored safely with associated storage costs kept to a minimum – they’ll also benefit from redundant backup routines that send copies of virtual environments to multiple offsite and onsite locations:

  • Microsoft Azure site recovery
  • Dedicated backup disaster recovery plans for virtual environments
  • Support for VMWare and Hyper-V environments

Lightning-fast VM data recovery

Our engineers are trained to identify which servers have failed and restore a new copy of the server within minutes, from any available backup. We won’t need to travel to the site, and our proactive monitoring system alerts us to potential issues before they arise.

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We offer a huge range of onsite and cloud backup plans that ensure every last piece of data is covered, and you can go about your day safe in the knowledge that if the worst does happen, we’ll be there to put things right.

Whether you’re a small organisation with one or two employees using OneDrive, or a large, multi-site organisation with multiple servers – either onsite or in the cloud – and masses of data, we’ve got you covered.

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