Outsourced IT Solutions

Services Outsourced IT Support Services IT is more than just technology The changing digital landscape makes it critical to stay on top of your IT. Technology makes the world go round, and to drive your business forward, your IT infrastructure should be super fast, robust and secure at all times. For business owners and managers… Continue reading Outsourced IT Solutions

Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Services Cyber Security Services Cyber Security Consultancy Services Cybersecurity for your data, assets, and reputation The internet is a world of business opportunities, full of potential to sell your services and products in new markets. It is amazing to see the number of channels now available, allowing us to communicate and do business with the… Continue reading Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Services Backup & Disaster Recovery Disaster & Backup Recovery Services How quickly can you get back to business when disaster strikes? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Business life can be so busy, that we can just plain forget, or sometimes we think it won’t happen to us. Or perhaps the plan… Continue reading Backup & Disaster Recovery

Switching IT Support Partners

Services Switching IT Support Partners Switching Outsourced IT Provider is easier than you think Outsourced IT support – every bit as unique as you are The needs of every company’s IT change over the years and continue to evolve, because that’s the nature of business. And as you grow, you’ll ask ‘should I switch IT… Continue reading Switching IT Support Partners

Remote Working

Services Remote Working​ Remote IT Support Services Remote IT solutions just got a whole lot better It’s a wonderful thing that remote access software has come of age, just when the business world needed it. There is an ocean of choice of digital tools to help you work better, faster and more securely, and they… Continue reading Remote Working

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Services Microsoft 365 Solutions Microsoft Teams & 365 managed support Microsoft 365 is there to help you perform at your best. In an ever-changing world, connectivity is at the heart of everything we do. The art of business is placing your organisation at the centre of it all using the best technology, seamlessly and cost-effectively.… Continue reading Microsoft 365 Solutions

Cloud & Hosting

Services Cloud & Hosting Hosted Private Cloud Services Get the most out of your business with managed private cloud hosting. There is beauty in cloud infrastructure computing. Of all the things a company can enjoy in IT, cloud solutions offer the most powerful transformative tools for business today. With the ability to change, adapt and… Continue reading Cloud & Hosting

Apple Mac Support

Services Apple Mac Support Apple Mac Business Support   Mac problem? We’ve got you covered Apple Macs are instruments of beauty. State-of-the-art machines supercharged by powerful technology, driven by their own private software ecosystem that leads the world in integration, adaptability and speed. But they’re not infallible. When something goes wrong it must be fixed,… Continue reading Apple Mac Support

Microsoft Azure Consultancy

Services Microsoft Azure Consultancy Microsoft Azure – the power to do more Never underestimate taking your business on a digital journey. Never has trust in your IT infrastructure been more essential to business than it is now. Can you, in one stroke, keep your data safe whilst boosting your performance? There is a way.  With… Continue reading Microsoft Azure Consultancy

Bespoke Software Design

Services Bespoke Software Design Bespoke Software Design IT solutions tailor-made to fit your needs For organisations looking to maintain their digital advantage or catch up with the competition. To reduce your costs, or reach the peak of your capabilities, operating in the 21st digital century can be an exhaustive business process. So, work smarter with… Continue reading Bespoke Software Design

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Services IT Infrastructure Consultancy Expert advice on IT infrastructure services Get your IT right and watch your business fly If there is one thing we’ve learned as an IT infrastructure consultancy, it’s that every company is different. Not just a little, a lot different. Companies are made up of so many parts, people, customers, locations,… Continue reading IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Business Broadband Services

Services Business Broadband Services Business internet services that are fast, secure and built for you   Fully scalable, fully flexible connectivity If you need to bring the world into your office or working space to do business, your company is only as good as the power of your internet connectivity. The quality of your business… Continue reading Business Broadband Services

Telephony and VOIP Solutions

Services Telephony & VoIPSolutions Business telephony – not the solution you imagined Call and connect, wherever your business takes you Do you ever get the feeling that your business telephone system feels a bit… off-the-shelf? That the phone system on offer was designed for someone else? What you’re really looking for is a phone system… Continue reading Telephony and VOIP Solutions

Cyber Security Training

Services Cyber Security Training Why do I need cybersecurity training? 1 in 5 companies end up losing money, data, or other assets, due to cybercrime. A Cybersecurity training course doesn’t help you play the piano better. If you hit a wrong note, it’s OK, the mistake can slip by unnoticed. But like a piano, our… Continue reading Cyber Security Training

Email Archiving

Services Email Archiving Email archiving for your business Team CNC is on hand to manage your overflowing mailbox. How many business emails do you receive a day? 25? 50? 100? More? And how many do you send? Emails are the new letter, but they’re faster, quicker and easier so we type, tap and send. Sometimes… Continue reading Email Archiving

Offsite Data Backup

Services Offsite Data Backup Offsite Data Backup Remote Offsite Data Backup Solutions The data you hold is a central aspect of doing business in the 21st century. Information can be the competitive edge that makes your company stand out from others. But what if you lose that data? That’s where offsite data backup comes into… Continue reading Offsite Data Backup

Patch Management

Services Patch Management Patch Management Consultancy The importance of software patches and updates cannot be underestimated. ‘Holes’ appear in software technology if you don’t ‘patch’ them. These holes become vulnerabilities, that entities outside of your business may try to exploit to gain access to your inner workings and sensitive data.    In an ideal world, a… Continue reading Patch Management

IT Hardware & Software

Services IT Hardware & Software IT hardware and software suppliers One meeting, one person to call and one seamless process. The 21st century is truly a digital world, and to get your business out there you need the kind of tech and software supply you can depend on every hour, every day. There are many… Continue reading IT Hardware & Software

Endpoint Protection

Services Endpoint Protection Endpoint Protection   Cyber-security protection – the sooner the better It’s an old story. Remember the wooden horse of Troy? A simple structure, brought into the city under the guise of something innocent. The Trojan horse then secretly deployed its hidden truth and claimed the city as its prize. Perhaps if antivirus… Continue reading Endpoint Protection

Managed IT Solutions

Services Managed IT Solutions Managed IT Services for the UK For 25 years, 24/7 we’ve been the IT power behind 6000 users all over the UK. Doing business and working with IT can be a double-edged sword, and spending time on IT can mean less time working on your core business. From engineering to hospitality,… Continue reading Managed IT Solutions