Moving to the country? Choose wisely

businessman drinking coffee and looking chart

Rural businesses across the South East could benefit from a slice of the additional £45m government funding that’s now available to speed-up their broadband connections. The money will be channelled through local authorities via the Rural Payments Agency’s Rural Broadband Infrastructure Scheme. It increases the total rural broadband funding from the government to £75m. This… Continue reading Moving to the country? Choose wisely

UK lags behind on broadband

Britain’s slipping even further down the league table for broadband speeds according to recent research by the comparison website Cable. Cable’s analysis, conducted by research company M-Lab, was based on 163 million speed tests conducted globally. The tests showed that average UK broadband speeds used by homes and businesses have dropped to 18.57Mbps. This means… Continue reading UK lags behind on broadband

Guard against KRACK wi-fi threat

Sussex businesses that use wi-fi connections need to act now to guard against a flaw recently uncovered in commonly-used wireless application protocols.