Tirelessly committed to supporting those of us facing incomprehensible life challenges, caring for our planet, and protecting the rights of animals.  

IT Support for Non-Profits and Charities

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Charitable and non-profit organisations improve the world we live in, providing relief where it’s most needed. Tirelessly committed to supporting those of us facing incomprehensible life challenges, caring for our planet, and protecting the rights of animals.  

Whilst all the time galvanising volunteers and spreading the word about their particular care group, funding research, advocating legislation, providing much-needed education, or reaching out to those who can offer acts of human kindness that make such a difference to others. 

Wherever the challenge, CNC can support your staff locally and remotely, wherever in the world your team is doing good work

IT support for charities and non-profit organisations

Charities and not for profit organisations bring people, resources, and expertise together to transform the world for those they care for. That’s where CNC comes in. We have extensive experience in supporting charities with the kind of outsourced IT support that a charity needs in this digital age, allowing them to administer and maintain all the moving parts – a task which is getting tougher and more competitive.

For 25 years CNC has supported companies, charities, and non-profit organisations locally, across the UK and around the globe with our outsourced IT support.

Our mission is to make sure that you always get the best from your IT. Here’s how:

  • We provide you with access to free or discounted Microsoft product licences
  • Our teams offer focused IT solutions that could be the turning point in creating secure, robust funding opportunities for you
  • We get the absolute best from your IT network infrastructure so that you can get on and challenge real world issues
  • CNC sets your IT up for success, to provide more education about the work you do and the support you offer

Engage with your customers wherever they are, 24/7

The world is small thanks to technology, but it can be harder to navigate without the right support. CNC IT support is designed to help you to succeed. With our UK help desk on hand, your charity and non-profit organisation will do what it does best, whilst we look after all the IT stuff in the background, and that goes for IT support for small charities too. 

Concerned about cyber security? Don’t be, CNC can help. Need a clear, practical, scalable backup and disaster plan? CNC can help. Get more from your IT; support your volunteers with the IT they need; access the funding opportunities you would like. Make your IT work for you, the way you want it to work. 

Donate in a different way, by securing against cyberattacks

There are many ways people can now donate, because people love to make a difference. Every penny you raise goes to helping your charitable concern. But is your IT holding you back? Is it secure enough to fight off cyberattacks?    

Online donations are a major target for cyber criminals. 26% of charities reported some form of cyberattack last year. The larger the charity, the higher your chance of being targeted by cyber criminals.  

Let CNC protect you.

IT support built for charities

Our directors take the work of charitable and non-profit organisations really seriously and are involved in every project, ensuring it’s work CNC can be proud of. 

We provide you with full-service IT support for non-profit organisations and charities, offsite, onsite, or work as an assist to your current IT team. The choice is yours.  

Contact CNC for real IT support. 


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