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At CNC we can support and protect your business wherever you operate, locally or globally, 24/7/365, our focus is on you. When you step up to the mark, you wont face down the bowler alone. CNC can support and protect your organisations IT with our complete range of business IT support services.

As the old adage goes, ‘no two days, are ever the same’. That’s the wonder of your business. No two companies are ever the same, and so it follows no two IT solutions are ever the same.

For 25 years, CNC has always placed itself at the IT centre of each of our customers IT systems. This means they can get on with their business, whilst we look after their IT for them. Every day, more than 6000 customers from 175 businesses can turn to us with their IT problems, and we love it. 

Engage with your customers the best way possible

Supporting firms of 6-300 employees

Stakeholder requirements change all the time. They are under pressure to perform 100% so they push your IT infrastructure to achieve what they want, as they should, that’s what customers do. Most of the time your systems can cope. But what happens when it can’t? That your system is not powerful enough to cope?

IT has a reputation for changing fast – keeping up with it can take your breath away. IT that you were bowled over with yesterday, can quickly get out of step with your business today where does that leave tomorrow. 

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We offer more; outsourced IT services, voice, data, driven by world-class broadband…

That’s why outsourced IT support is such an excellent solution for businesses. It’s a good way to control costs. Supporting your business when you need it, with CNC’s helpdesk on hand, crewed with UK based tech people, who know exactly how to get you out of trouble when it happens.

Outsourcing allows you to put a ring of up to the minute services around your company and keep it safe.

With CNC you’ll have access to all the latest technologies, software, technical support consultancy, every hour, every day. Whether you need full-time support, or as an assist to your own IT department, CNC is there with you, to catch any ball thrown at you.


“It’s like we have a 10-strong permanent in-house IT team poised to help whenever asked.”

DT, CEO, tech start-up, Brighton


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IT. Its what we do…

We look after our customers differently, because we see it as a partnership. When an IT problem happens, our team will deal with whatever curveball has been sent. That’s the CNC way.

“CNC have once again proved that they are adaptable and can step up in times of need to assist clients with overcoming business IT challenges.”

EW, IT Manager, construction company, Crawley

A wealth of knowledge and experience in every sector

If you’re looking for business IT support in Surrey and if you operate in the fields of engineering, medical, professional services, construction, charities, manufacturing, hospitality, or environmental sectors. We can help you.

The great thing about CNC is the breadth of our experience. We understand IT, the needs of hospitality are distinctly different to those in manufacturing, as they are from professional services. Each business sector has its own distinct and unique way of using IT.  CNC can help you to get the very best from your IT.

Outsourced IT, anytime, anywhere

We work all over the UK, as well delivering the very best IT in the southeast. We believe in building secure IT communities. The same transformative services that you can get from CNC in Newcastle you can get in Guildford.

So, if you are looking to review your IT systems or you want to switch IT partners, or if you just have a question, one of our tech people will be able to help you and walk through our full range of services:

We’re tech people, who like to deliver the best in IT solutions.   When your team depends on connecting locally or to the outside world, when it comes to outsourced IT it’s easy to switch. 

If you’re in business, and you looking for business IT support in Surrey – talk to CNC. 

We can help you with

Innovative vs tried-and-tested solutions

  • Outsourced IT Support 
  • Business Internet Services              
  • IT Infrastructure Consultancy
  • Back Up & Disaster Recovery 
  • Business telephony systems
  • IT Hardware & Software Supplier
  • Apple Mac Support
  • IT and Cyber Security       
  • Cloud & Hosting Services
  • Patch Management
  • Microsoft Teams & 36


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