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Patch Management Consultancy

The importance of software patches and updates cannot be underestimated.

‘Holes’ appear in software technology if you don’t ‘patch’ them. These holes become vulnerabilities, that entities outside of your business may try to exploit to gain access to your inner workings and sensitive data.  

 In an ideal world, a patch management process shouldn’t have to exist. Sadly, it all comes down to protection, and even the most solid business must be prepared for the unexpected with IT. Partnering with a consultancy that can identify, acquire, and deploy the correct software patches as necessary will keep you protected.

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We’re not going to sell you something that’s not fit for purpose. We’ll be looking to provide you with a bulletproof yet futureproof solution.

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Detect and respond with CNC 

IT doesn’t have to be a spanner in the works. Vulnerability management is vital in checking for security risks and keeping your IT infrastructure compliant. At CNC, we can source and instal the best patch management solutions for your business, to fix those vulnerabilities in your software and applications that make you susceptible to cyberattacks.

 The importance of managing security, using the correct software patches and updates cannot be underestimated. If every device on your network is up to date and you’re using the right versions of all your software, your systems will be safeguarded from viruses and other cyber breaches, disaster recovery will then be something that never needs to be mentioned.


Why is patch management software so important? 

At CNC, we are tech guys, not sales guys.  That means we’re not going to sell you something that’s not fit for purpose. We’ll be looking to provide you with a bulletproof yet futureproof solution.  

Here’s CNC’s 3 step patch management strategy to keep your business running smoothly: 

  • Bugs. A critical flaw in code can disable system functionality. CNC patch management services can spot and fix these bugs quickly and easily before they create problems. 
  • Security. Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated by the day and programmers can only protect against obvious threats. We check your old software for vulnerability to new threats. Patches offer the most robust protection.  
  • Updates. Programs are continually evolving and it’s tempting – but not necessary – to be lured into buying a whole new software when it’s released. Get the right advice from CNC. 
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The right solution for your business 

With over 25 years in the business, CNC understands what you need from your IT to keep your business processes flowing and your bottom line growing. The first stage is for us to assess your vulnerability and work out exactly what kind of patch management solution you need to keep your systems secure. 

We come on board not simply as external consultants, but as an integral part of your company’s IT security strategy. The team at CNC is steeped in IT knowledge so we can provide you with all the services you need to keep your software flexible, reliable, and most importantly secure. 

CNC – helping you evolve and progress 

And it’s not just about patch management. We conduct a full IT audit to determine just where you are with your IT, and where you need to be. And of course, recommend and implement workable and bespoke solutions, designed with your unique needs in mind. 

At CNC we provide you with the kind of patch management consultancy that goes further, looks beyond the obvious and protects your business from serious harm. 

Call CNC now, to take a close look at what you need. 

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