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Offsite Data Backup

Remote Offsite Data Backup Solutions

The data you hold is a central aspect of doing business in the 21st century. Information can be the competitive edge that makes your company stand out from others. But what if you lose that data? That’s where offsite data backup comes into its own. 

Maintaining that advantage comes down to the way you protect your data, and how you recover it if you do lose it. From a fire or flood in the office, to a power failure, or simply human error, it can happen to any business. Ask yourself, what would we do if we lost all our data right now? 

Financial information, gone. Bespoke marketing collateral, gone. All your confidential communications with customers, gone. Your business could grind to a halt, with downtime leading to lost revenue, fines, reputational damage and unhappy customers.

CNC have 25 years of experience in protecting businesses with the very best in IT solutions.

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An active management strategy for backing up data

How can you ensure that you never lose your information? Offsite remote backups are a simple strategic way of keeping your business safe, and at CNC we have the experience to help you get the right backup for your business. 

Simply put, using a remote storage system can be critical to mitigating the risks of data loss. Having your data stored and backed up offsite or in the cloud, means you’re always a step ahead. 

Offsite remote backup for security and peace of mind

There are many benefits when it comes to offsite remote backup, including: 


  • Easily restorable data following a cyberattack  
  • Unlimited storage space, freeing up more onsite storage 
  • Automatic information saving without having to remember to back it up 
  • A strategy that fits with your business plan 

With 25 years of experience in protecting businesses with the very best in IT solutions, at CNC we can find and integrate data backup solutions into your business that keep your data safe and available, to keep your business running under any circumstances. 

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Why offsite backup works 

  • Reduced workload. No need for a designated IT person to create manual backups for data and files. Save time, staff time and costs with cloud backups that can be created and managed in a couple of clicks. 
  • Automation makes your backup more reliable than the manual alternative. Your data is safe, even if a server crashes. 
  • Easy setup. CNC are specialists in the field. Our expert engineers and account managers can set up your backup instantly with no disruption. 
  • Cost saving. The unlimited storage of offsite backup is billed on a monthly basis, or a pay-as-you-go plan. You choose what works best for you.  
  • Security. Only those with a password can access the backed-up data. 

Automated remote cloud backup 

You may consider having all your information backed up automatically as it’s processed, and stored on offsite servers, from one office or from geographically dispersed locations. The process is automated and allows you a higher degree of corporate control, as well as saving you costs and helping you make efficient use of IT resources. 

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Customised solutions from CNC

Your business is different to every other business, so preserve your uniqueness, and allow CNC to assist your company with hassle-free offsite data backup software solutions with excellent accessibility, cost saving and disaster recovery solutions.

At CNC, we are committed to protecting your business against data loss or outages, so when it comes to taking measures in protecting your business, we are the people to turn to.

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