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Team CNC is on hand to manage your overflowing mailbox.

How many business emails do you receive a day? 25? 50? 100? More? And how many do you send? Emails are the new letter, but they’re faster, quicker and easier so we type, tap and send. Sometimes it’s a response, sometimes it’s to say hello, but every day we’re sending them and over time it builds, until our inbox feels bottomless.  

But what do you do when you need to find one particular email in your vast inbox of thousands? Or tens of thousands? And how do you free up storage space without deleting important data? The problem of storing hundreds of thousands of emails safely or data loss is a hindrance to many small and medium sized businesses and can impede processes and progress. 

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Find and retrieve the data contained in emails fast, when you need them, and know that they’re safe when not needed.

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Team CNC is on hand to manage your overflowing mailbox. We understand IT, we understand business and we definitely understand the pain of an unmanageable inbox.  

Protect your data with cloud-based email archiving

Do you store sensitive data on emails? Is data performance a priority for your business? Or do you require access to information at the touch of a button? In any case, it makes sense to use effective email archiving tools so you can find and retrieve the data contained in emails fast, when you need them, and know that they’re safe when not needed.  

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Cloud-based email archiving – How does it work?  

Archive software puts all your emails in a secure external repository, indexing incoming and outgoing messages and attachments and preserving them in read-only format. 

Most archiving products also cover sync-and-share data, instant messaging and corporate social media content. 

Compliance and storage management – a safety net

The benefits of a top-tier cloud archiving solution: 

  • Security. Out of sight does not mean out of mind. Archived emails stored externally are as well protected as those in your inbox. The right email archiving solution preserves and safeguards your data reliably. 
  • Storage. Your server gets full with increasing email data every day and performance is reduced. Don’t delete! Go for a secure off-site server to store everything. With the advanced compression offered by some companies, you can reduce required disk space in the archive by half. 
  • Productivity. When your server gets bogged down with mountains of data, finding the one you want is almost impossible. Invest in a good email archiving system so that employees (or your IT department) don’t have to waste precious time deleting, filing, or searching for emails.  
  • Restoring data. Lost an email? Disaster! Wrong! A cloud archiving solution simplifies finding a misplaced email, or restoring something that was deleted by accident, as the archived data takes up less space and the mail server’s data load is reduced. 
  • Compliance. Governing bodies require you to keep records of information often stored on email. Keep everything safe and compliant with an email archiving system and free up shelf space as you don’t need to hang onto mountains of paperwork. 
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Information where and when you want it 

Don’t be slowed down by an unmanageable inbox. Archived emails is the way to go. The CNC team has 25 years of experience helping businesses across the country with their IT solutions. We help by understanding how you use your emails, providing you with the right kind of storage management system and how you can access them whenever you need.  

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