No matter how tall we build, how far and how deep, IT is at the core of every project. 

IT Support for Construction Companies

Stay connected, stay on track

The construction industry is like no other business sector, with accolades ranging from the widest, to the tallest, largest, deepest. In an ever-constructed world, outsourced IT services play a growing role in helping construction engineers create built landscapes that extend, expand and evolve into something that’s more than bricks and mortar. 

Constructed structures are more innovative than ever before, and industry needs are more exacting, costly, precise, and detailed no matter how tall we build, how far and how deep, put CNC digital transformation at the core of your project.

Connectivity is key when coordinating the myriad of people, equipment and other elements that keep a construction site running smoothly. 

Your business demands flexible IT solutions so you can work seamlessly at speed and with precision on projects of different scales and with moving deadlines. If you need a temporary IT presence on site, CNC can help. Longer-term projects require continuing and long-standing support, and CNC can help with that too. Or if your teams work across multiple sites and require instant and uninterrupted communications with contractors, architects, designers, engineers and hardware suppliers, no problem, CNC can help, 24/7.  

Connectivity is key when coordinating the myriad of elements that keep a construction site running smoothly. 

Building new futures with IT

At CNC we have spent 25 years sourcing, integrating and managing IT infrastructure for businesses of all sizes across the UK. We understand that your needs are different and can change at the last minute; that your teams are not office-based and your working environments require specific IT resourcing, but that’s what makes the construction industry exciting. At CNC we take a holistic view of your business to work out how to make IT really work for you, and your project. 

Hard-wearing hardware

The IT equipment you use must be durable, reliable and transportable so it works well on different sites and multiple times. We ensure your computers, servers, phones, tablets and all other equipment are travel-ready and equipped to handle the elements. 

Cloud-based services with reliable, high-level broadband and different connectivity options, from 4G to leased line, are essential to construction projects. CNC has spent a quarter of a century invested in the IT infrastructure of businesses across all sectors, including construction and we work with you to source and integrate the software you need to keep your business running at speed. 

When it comes to the cyber security of your IT, don’t put your business systems at risk. Let CNC secure, protect and maintain your network infrastructure, we can provide all you need: Cloud computing, disaster recovery, broadband, cyber essentials, whatever challenge you face CNC can support you. 

Be the best, work with the best

With director level involvement in all our projects, we do more than send a team of expert engineers to your office. No matter the scale of the project, our directors take a personal interest in the details of the work to ensure that no stone is left unturned in getting you set up with the most workable, practical, cost-effective and secure IT for your business. 

We have been IT professionals from the day we first started, our guiding principle from day one has always been to help you grow your business, without selling you equipment you don’t need. At CNC we don’t offer quick fixes or expensive over-engineered solutions.  

Outsourced IT Solutions designed for you

We partner with you to set your business on the right digital path by taking a strategic and cost-effective view of your IT. With CNC by your side, you can deliver your services seamlessly with flexible, scalable IT solutions.  

Call CNC now, to face your digital challenges together. 

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