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Cybersecurity for your data, assets, and reputation

The internet is a world of business opportunities, full of potential to sell your services and products in new markets. It is amazing to see the number of channels now available, allowing us to communicate with the world and to do business widely. But as we grow further in our reach, it’s a sad truth that as an organisation you have to consider your IT and cybersecurity response with increasing vigilance. 

Sadly, it is a business fact, that cyber criminals possess an ever-increasing raft of IT tools to gain access through many infection vectors to your business.  

They are on the look-out for businesses deficient in the following areas: 

  • Lack of multi-factor authentication (MFA) 
  • Poor patch management strategy 
  • Weak or ineffective passwords 
  • Compromised credential harvesting  
  • Corrupting backup systems 

In a constantly changing tech landscape, it’s getting more and more complicated to keep threats at bay. As the owner of your business, managing risk is more important than ever, but how?  

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Nearly 24% of all UK organisations have made payments to cyber criminals in the last 12 months.

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Look for the weakest link 

You only have to read the business press to see that it’s a global issue, not just a local problem, for small, medium, even Fortune 500 companies. And it happens all the time. It’s frightening and debilitating and so easy to miss until it’s too late.  

Nearly 24% of all UK organisations have made payments to cyber criminals in the last 12 months. 

We receive so many emails every day in our business and personal life. We are so used to opening them, and they all look very innocent. That’s the problem, once they are opened, they can unleash a virus onto your system which in turn, could corrupt or bring your entire infrastructure down.  

Let CNC build your IT and cybersecurity defence in depth  

Cyberattacks are cunning, clever, manipulative, and well-coordinated, carried out by individuals committed to breaching your barricades. Integrating the right security program is a complex proposition.  

At CNC, as your cybersecurity consultancy service we design and implement end-to-end solutions, built around your specific vulnerabilities and addressing your unique needs and ways of working. With over 25 years of cybersecurity expertise under our belts, you can trust us to implement, integrate and manage all your security programmes. 

We ensure that every access point within your communication networks is secured, from the heart of your business to its periphery, from emails to documents, presentations, financial records, and marketing content at all levels of your organisation.

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Cybersecurity for your data, assets, and reputation 

Cyberthreats emerge every day, so you need protection every day. We help you mitigate whatever security risks you might face; we design an IT and cybersecurity strategy that offers you the highest level of protection. From blue chips to small businesses, our IT and cybersecurity solutions keep a strong chain of protection around everything you have worked hard to achieve.  

Igniting confidence and innovation 

Invest in an effective IT and cybersecurity solution. Allow your business to reach its full potential, let your team and customers work with you with confidence, unhindered by the fear of cyberattacks.  

Contact CNC to discuss how we can keep your business safe. 

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