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London… Diverse, rich with an almost mythical history, a melting pot of people and businesses, as cosmopolitan as it is beautiful. Starting a business, doing it already, or expanding into any kind of marketplace is always a challenge, but in London? A world class city, full of businesses all competing to be the best. London is as wondrous as it is unique, but there are challenges of running a business in a capital city.

If you want to be competitive, one of the biggest challenges that companies face is their IT infrastructure. They say that IT has changed the world into a village. In many ways it has, from your desk in the centre of London you can reach anywhere in the world. You have the right product, the right team, some great customers. But all too often business technology can let you down. Perhaps its not set up correctly, or its not powerful enough for your demands, or you have inherited something not quite right for you! Whatever it is, these kinds of problems can hold you back from your true potential.

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Supporting firms of 6-300 employees

CNC Outsourced IT solutions are designed for todays local and global challenges. Our IT support is designed around you and your IT needs. We build our solutions around your organisation’s unique needs, to give you that competitive edge, so that you do business not only in London, but wherever you want to communicate, around the world.

CNC have been fortunate to work within lots of different sectors, so we understand the kind of issues that are faced in hospitality are totally unlike those in construction. The problems encountered are nothing like those in manufacturing, medical, or professional services. For 25 years CNC has helped companies all over the southeast and UK get the very best from their IT. Everyday, some 6000 end users enjoy the fact that if their IT systems go wrong, they can turn to CNC to sort out their situation quickly, without any fuss and always within budget.

City break in London with loved ones is always an option for quick getaway.

Improving your business performance

As your technology partner, we use bespoke tools to:

  • constantly monitor your systems
  • pre-emptively solve any problems
  • ensure maximum availability of your critical business resources
  • improve your IT’s operating performance
  • prepare your business for the future

    CNC can help you bring out the best in your company.

“It’s like we have a 10-strong permanent in-house IT team poised to help whenever asked.”

DT, CEO, tech start-up, Brighton


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Not all businesses are the same, every one of them is so unique. It’s the same with your business needs, what you need to perform is unique as to how you do business. For 25 years, CNC has been working across a wide range of business sectors, engineering, medical, manufacturing, hospitality, the list goes on.  We’ve gathered up all that experience and it’s at the end of a phone call for you.

“CNC have once again proved that they are adaptable and can step up in times of need to assist clients with overcoming business IT challenges.”

EW, IT Manager, construction company, Crawley

The benefits of business IT support services in London

In a city like London, you can’t make mistakes, its just too costly, the reputational damage, the impact it could have on your customers is just too great. That’s why not only speed is important, but so is quality. Its essential from your outsourced IT supplier. With the right partner in place, it is easy to keep up with all the innovations that are happening within the IT industry, that can help your business excel.

Cost benefits of outsourced IT

With fixed monthly support costs, you can predict what your outgoing IT expenditure is going to be each month. You’ll have complete access to a whole team of expert engineers, able to support you all times of the day, whatever the project, or your location within the UK, or internationally. You’ll be able to give your entire focus to your business. You or your team won’t be wasting time trying to sort out IT problems. You’ll be improving your team’s productivity.

So, whether you need us as fulltime remote support, on-site where we work with directly on premise, or with your current IT team as a support resource, or on a project-by-project basis, that’s the beauty of outsourced IT. You use it, as you need it.

An Account manager to help you through the IT maze

All of our account managers possess huge expertise about the IT industry. They’ll be able to support, guide, recommend solutions for you from day one. First, they will equip themselves with a thorough understanding about your business, they’ll get to know your goals, needs and priorities. From there, that’s when the magic happens. They’ll be able to offer you strategic expertise to help improve your IT infrastructure. Your account manager will play a pivotal role in the interface between you and your team, your IT infrastructure and CNC. It’s a personalised approach that has worked for our customers, because it helps to further your success.

Business technologies never stop learning

Technology is ever changing, it’s an industry that never sleeps. It’s constantly moving, so you need to be willing to change with it, or you can be left behind. IT can be creative, introduce new ways of doing business for you, which is a good thing, but the downside is that you need to be constantly accredited, qualified, updated. Never a year goes by without a new platform/software/product being delivered and updated or revised. All of our team are up to date with all the latest qualifications, to combat those constant changes, so that you don’t need to.

You won’t have to keep with things like:

  • Patch management
  • Cyber-security & Ransomware attacks
  • Software development and changing trends
  • And most of all the cost

IT is our business; we do all the investing in IT for you.

Business Broadband – No problem

Can you believe that in the 21st century poor broadband still exists? Stop right there! CNC can resolve that problem.  We’ve been doing IT for a number of years now and we can provide you with secure, robust, fail free internet connection that’s as fast and as solid s you can imagine. And the difference? You’ll do better business with CNC broadband services.

Increased levels of outsourced IT support? – We can do that

You can access our help desk any time – All of our IT engineers are highly experienced. When you’re in trouble, we will ask you the right questions to help break the problem down. We will use all our trouble shooting skills to find out what’s at the centre of the problem and fast.  The quicker it’s fixed, the quicker you can get back to business.

We have a range of outsourced IT solutions designed to fit your budget, your time frame, your business. Our standard IT support cover is available: 07:30 am – 6:00 pm.  Or we can adjust that value accordingly. Some businesses need support 24 hours. Absolutely, no problem at all. CNC business IT support solutions are open 24 hours. Monday to Sunday. 365 days of the year. 


As the cost of cyber-attacks continues to rise, CNC will make sure that your threat landscape is reduced. We’ll make sure that your systems are protected from the possible threat landscape that might attack your IT systems. We’ll put defences in place to secure your systems against DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks, data breeches, and any other potential security threats and assaults that might come your way. Whether you’re protecting a single office, store, or a global network of businesses, CNC will secure and protect your business, so you’ll be safe from the cyber-criminal 24/7.

IT Infrastructure consultancy – We design IT for your success

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes you need to start from scratch. There are many reasons why. You may have outgrown your present location and need to move, you may be opening a second or a third office, how will that affect your IT situation? You might want to strip out your old system and install something more bespoke. There are many reasons as to why you might need our unique consultancy services. Its not as daunting as it might seem. CNC has had many years experience across a wide range of business sectors, and its that wealth of experience that we bring to the table.

We see outsourced IT support as a partnership. If you are going to trust us with the crown jewels to your company, where we get entwined with who and how you run your business – that’s how we build our solutions – around your experience of your company. Nobody knows the company better than you, so we create a digital roadmap not just for today, but for the future.

If you are looking to take your business forward, whatever the size of your business, lets talk. Benefit from our experience. Discover what outsourced IT can do for you.

Call CNC. Create the business you want.

The secret to successful outsourced IT?

Innovative vs tried-and-tested solutions

We listen. We listen to what it is you are trying to achieve. Then we devise a digital plan that suits your business. That’s the CNC way, its going to be your plan, not one we’ve used before or one that we have got off the shelf for you. If we did that, your customers would know instantly that you’re not serious about their business. Your business has to be part of their value chain, and that’s what CNC offers:

‘Distinct outsourced IT solutions that empower both your team, and give you the competitive edge you were looking for’.

And where are our company Directors in all of this? Not far and away remote from your IT solution. Every single project, we can proudly say, every solution, or service that CNC provides has our directors stamp on it. They are involved from the first moment to the last, so that it meets what we call CNC standards.  And that’s the same with our 1st line of support, right the way through 2nd line, 3rd line and all the way to special projects. There are currently 44 people in the team, all highly qualified expert engineers, all ready to help, support, repair, install what ever your business needs to help you get the best from your IT.


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