Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Cyber-security protection - the sooner the better

It’s an old story. Remember the wooden horse of Troy? A simple structure, brought into the city under the guise of something innocent. The Trojan horse then secretly deployed its hidden truth and claimed the city as its prize. Perhaps if antivirus & ransomware support had been around then, things would have turned out differently? Sadly, the same level of sophistication exists today in cyber-crime, now more deadly than ever. 

Never assume your business is protected – a zero trust policy is the only way forward because of the nature of malicious cyber-attacks. Every day, the business world faces threats from data breaches and reputational and financial losses continue to ruin the business landscape as a result of cyber-security breaches. 

There are now more powerful IT tools than ever to ensure you don’t become another cyber-crime statistic. 

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Email privacy is the broad topic dealing with issues of unauthorized access and inspection of electronic mail. This unauthorized access can happen while an email is in transit, as well as when it is stored on email servers or on a user computer. In countries with a constitutional guarantee of the secrecy of correspondence, whether email can be equated with letters and get legal protection from all forms of eavesdropping comes under question because of the very nature of email. This is especially important as more and more communication occurs via email compared to postal mail.

Antivirus & ransomware support for your business 

A virus or ransom-ware attack can take the form of a simple email or text, sent from a seemingly safe source. It’s meant to look ordinary, innocent, and it has your name on it. So why wouldn’t you open it?   

That’s what cyber-criminals rely on. It was just a simple email!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can you empower your team and avoid being a cyber-crime victim. There are now more powerful IT tools than ever to ensure you don’t become another cyber-crime statistic. 

Protection means confidence, success and growth

All businesses, across all sectors, can protect their business and get the right kind of antivirus & ransomware support they need with powerful 24/7 year-round protection. Think of CNC as your digital security guard protecting your business.   

A computer screen with program code warning of a detected malware script program. 3d illustration
An abstract IT design concept of system or data protection. A central glowing message of "System Protected" is informing the user about the security status. Padlocks on both sides of the message are shown in a locked state, affecting the whole system. Everything is situated inside a hexadecimal code "data-block".

CNC – the people behind the protection 

Call us. You’ll find a real person at the end of the line, genuinely interested and invested in your business and your individual needs. Find out why hundreds of small, medium and large companies, both local and global in every sector, trust CNC to protect them from malware attacks.  

Your business is not off-the-shelf, so we don’t just provide you with standard solutions. Our directors are personally involved in every IT project and with their combined years of experience in IT, alongside our hugely talented and committed engineers, they will find your business an antivirus and ransomware solution that protects every connection you make. 

Real commitment, real protection 

When it comes to antivirus and ransomware solutions, experience is invaluable. Protecting sensitive business, financial, personal or client data has to take the highest priority.  

At CNC we take a deep look into your business to find out what makes you tick; how you need your processes to work and where your potential attack points lie. We explore the vulnerabilities that are holding you back.  

After a thorough IT consultation, we’ll set out an IT security roadmap, designed to protect you, your employees and your data from cyberattacks. We source and supply the tools and set them up so that everyone that works with you, on site, or remotely, is equally protected from malware attacks.  

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Portrait of consultant agent man in call center smiling. Happy customer support agent working with headset while sitting at his workstation. Smiling telephone operator using computer in modern open space office.

Cyber-security protection – the sooner the better 

We can save you money, time and aggravation by future-planning your malware and antivirus strategy protection now, before you come up against a problem.  

Don’t allow cyber-criminals to reap the rewards of your hard-earned reputation. Protect your business with CNC antivirus & ransomware support solutions.  

Call us today – Let CNC protect all your digital assets.