Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training

Why do I need cybersecurity training?

1 in 5 companies end up losing money, data, or other assets, due to cybercrime.

A Cybersecurity training course doesn’t help you play the piano better. If you hit a wrong note, it’s OK, the mistake can slip by unnoticed. But like a piano, our fingers can fly across a keyboard so quickly, and in the blink of an eye, we can inadvertently open a link in an email.   

If it’s a safe email, great. But if you open a bad link in a bad email? Disaster. And it’s so easily done. The consequences to your business could be devastating.   

Whether you’re a small or large business, in any sector, anywhere in the UK, navigating a business through IT in the 21st century is a minefield. You are operating in a world of cyber criminals and your business could be in the cross-hairs of the next attack.  

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It’s imperative that any business owner in the virtual world takes meticulous care and decisive action.

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Keep IT security threats at bay 

You’ve clicked a phishing link, opened a malware attachment, or given sensitive information to an untrustworthy source. You have, unintentionally, helped cyber criminals bypass layers of security to breach your network. It’s a widespread problem, faced by businesses across the world.  Data protection is key to everything.

4 out of 10 businesses have faced a cyberattack during the last 12 months – yet 84% of companies have made no change to their cyberattack profile.

How can you be on guard at all times? How can you recognize a phishing attack when they’re so cleverly executed? With cybersecurity training from CNC, your teams will learn how to protect your business in the face of the cleverest adversaries. 

Cybersecurity security solutions 

After all the effort and time you’ve spent getting your company to where it is, do you really want to risk your data, reputation, or customer base to the increasingly complex and sophisticated weaponry used by cyber criminals to get into your IT infrastructure? 

1 in 5 companies end up losing money, data, or other assets, due to cybercrime.

Cyber-training helps you and your team readdress the balance, giving you a fighting chance. Cyberattacks are designed to sneak up on you and to catch even the most vigilant caretaker unawares. DDoS or phishing attacks impact your company’s bottom line and inflict reputational damage. Get the tools to fight back with the right training.

Digital illustration of hand reaching out from a laptop screen to steal a credit card. This illustrates the cyber crime of identity theft and credit card fraud.
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CNC – helping you go Zero Trust 

Our team of security professionals are uniquely positioned to put in place the right kind of information protection. With more than 25 years of experience to draw from. We can train and support you and your team to ensure you stay IT safe long after we’ve left the building.

For businesses of every size and in every sector, we have the right cyber security course to help protect you and your team at every level of your operations. We’ve taught hundreds of businesses across the UK how to recognise and avoid scams, and how to keep security tight and data safe. 

Call CNC to find out how our training courses can be tailored to your needs. Let us share our knowledge with you, and teach you how to protect yourself from cyberattacks. 

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