Simplification cures wi-fi headaches

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Wi-fi certification has been simplified in a bid to make it easier for everyone to understand what they are buying. The move by the Wi-Fi Alliance – which is the global standards body – drops the ‘802’ coding replacing it with Wi-Fi 4, 5 and 6. The numbers denote different throughput capabilities with the 5… Continue reading Simplification cures wi-fi headaches

Smartphone addiction is security danger

Men dress up lifestyle hold smartphone screen shows the key in the Security online world. the display and technology advances in communications. The concept of advancement in living in the future.

A major security threat to UK companies is posed by our growing addiction to smartphones. A new Ofcom report shows that, on average, people check their phones every 12 minutes. This suggests they’re doing it while working – and not just in break times. In fact, a report last year from Office Team highlights that… Continue reading Smartphone addiction is security danger

Get ready to switch to VoIP soon

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The planned closure of ISDN and PSTN services by BT in 2025 means companies need to upgrade to IP-based voice services soon. For decades, the public switched telephone network was the only way to make voice calls. Then came the integrated services digital network (ISDN) which meant companies could lease their own private lines separate… Continue reading Get ready to switch to VoIP soon

Take care choosing new hybrid kit

There’s a growing demand for devices that combine laptops with tablets but businesses need to choose carefully to avoid wasting money on kit that’s just not up to the job.

Stop the moaners – invest in quality IT

Crashing computers and slow internet connections are by far the biggest gripe for UK office workers demonstrating that many British companies simply aren’t investing enough in their IT services.

ISDN’s demise means it’s time to switch

BT’s decision to switch off its ISDN services by 2025 may seem a long way off for many South East businesses but it’s wise to plan ahead and switch to IP-based services as soon as possible.