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Reviewing 365 Phishing Reports

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this guide, it will cover how to view the 365 Phishing reports as well how to check who has completed training if they have been caught out by a Phishing simulation.

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SonicWall NetExtender SSL VPN

Reading Time: 5 minutes A VPN allows you to access resources on your office network from wherever you are. SonicWall NetExtender is a piece of software that can be installed on your laptop or desktop that initiates the VPN connection.

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Mailbox Housekeeping

Reading Time: 5 minutes In an age where so much communication is electronic it’s easy to forget that your mailbox does have a finite size.  Like a filing cabinet there is only so much you can store in it before it becomes full and you have to fillet out old documents to make way for newer ones.

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Microsoft 365 Email Encryption

Reading Time: 3 minutes Although many people don’t realise it, an email is not a secure communication medium by default. Think of it like writing on a postcard and then posting it.  Along it’s journey to the recipient anyone can read the contents.

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How to setup a Microsoft 365 App Password

Reading Time: 4 minutes Some applications do not support Multi-factor authentication which can become a problem when Security defaults or Conditional Access have been enabled on a Microsoft 365 tenant. To overcome this we can create App Passwords that can be used to connect to Microsoft 365 Services for a specific application.

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Mobile Device Enrolment – Android

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s quite normal to want to have access to email & your calendar on the move but what security considerations need to be taken into account to keep your personal data and company data separate?

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Microsoft 365 MFA Setup Guide

Reading Time: 5 minutes Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an additional level of security to your systems and helps combat cyber attacks. When you login to a service such as Remote Desktop Server or Microsoft 365 not only do you enter your username and password but also via the MFA app prompt you confirm it’s you

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Too Many Emails

Mailbox Management

Reading Time: 5 minutes Email has given us a powerful medium to communicate across continents, or just to the other side of the room.  With it comes a high volume of messages, many of which are “cakes in the kitchen” style and others that contain large attachments.

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