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pen testing

Pen Testing – let me explain

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the IT industry, we have a penchant for acronyms. If we can condense the name of a service, product, or piece of equipment into just three letters, we’re as happy as a lark.

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computer from the 80s

Antivirus vs EDR what’s the difference?

Reading Time: 5 minutes When the picture above was taken sometime in the early 80’s, Anti-Virus (AV) protection was almost unheard of. The idea that someone would create a malicious program that would cause your computer to fail was in its infancy.

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roman soldier

Protect your business with Cyber Essentials.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Today in the digital age, we store information electronically. Why? Because information is power; it can be our competitive advantage over other businesses. Our supplier list of who provides us with what, and when; it might be customer information, entrusted to us through a sales transaction and numerous other details, all particular to our business.

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patch the dog

What is Patch Management?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Whatever your favourite canine might tell you, “Get off the sofa, stop chasing cars, begging for food, digging up the garden, or chewing the furniture”, whether your dog is called Patch or not, you’d be right in thinking, patch management is none of the above.

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Finance and business concept

Invest more in cyber security

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a lack of cyber security expertise and insufficient expenditure in many organisations which makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One of the most vulnerable

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Computer Hacker

Chinese spy micro-chip danger

Reading Time: 2 minutes Be warned against buying hardware from China, it could be fitted with extra micro-chips designed to break into your organisation. The threat from technology built

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System Hacking

Cyber crime pays – so watch out

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chilling new research reveals cyber criminals are outspending big businesses and posing an ever-increasing threat to UK companies. The survey commissioned by software company Carbon

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multi functional printer in office for work

Network threat from faxes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Companies should be aware of the hidden security threat from fax machines which are an unlocked backdoor for criminals. New research from Check Point Security

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