Mimecast protects your business

Mimecast protects your business

Reading Time: 2 minutes8th October 2017 | Modified: 19th December 2022

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Loss of emails can badly affect operational effectiveness and could breach data protection law if the lost correspondence contains customer records.

This is why companies across Sussex and the South East use a robust and reliable way to archive all correspondence including messages that have been deleted.

The solution of choice for many is Mimecast. For a relatively low annual fee, it can save so much time and money both in terms of providing reliable cloud-based storage and data retrieval and also by protecting your organisation against in-coming threats.

According to Mimecast, 23 per cent of phishing emails are still being opened which is 23 per cent too many. Even 1 per cent would be an unacceptable threat to your business if it opened the door to a devastating virus.

Phishing dangers

Phishing is an attempt by criminals to masquerade as bona fide organisations in order to steal personal data. Dealing with phishing safely is therefore very important because the vast majority of all attempted hacks into your network start with some sort of phishing attack.

That’s why it’s a good idea to scrutinise all in-coming email and Mimecast does this very effectively. It quarantines suspicious emails and examines all the links in each message.

Gary Jowett, from Computer & Network Consultants in Brighton, says: “Let’s face it, in this fast-moving world, it’s good to have automatic threat protection. It’s all too easy for someone to click on a link when they’re busy and have other things on their mind. A link that, at first glance, looks totally genuine. Mimecast‘s secure email gateway solution offers 100 per cent anti-virus and 99 per cent anti-spam protection.”

Secure messaging

Secure messaging is another key service from Mimecast. Controls can be set up on your email system to ensure confidential data is only shared with specific individuals. In addition, confidential and large documents can be exchanged in the safety of Mimecast’s secure file-sharing service avoiding many of the file-sharing tools which are not completely secure.

“Many businesses use Mimecast already while others still don’t realise how valuable it is,” says Gary. “We still have customers who don’t use it and when they need to retrieve historic emails it often involves a lengthy trawl through uncategorised deleted messages. For those who are already using Mimecast, it’s so much easier. Its quick and easy to retrieve everything you need. So, it definitely pays you back for the relatively low annual fee it costs.”

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