Ambitious firms need Advanced Threat Protection

Ambitious firms need Advanced Threat Protection

Reading Time: 2 minutes19th February 2017 | Modified: 19th December 2022

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Many growing companies are choosing Microsoft 10 Enterprise because of the enhanced security it offers.

There’s a monthly licence fee to pay but expanding businesses should weigh the cost against the threats it can protect against. In most cases, it’s a very wise extra expenditure because Windows 10 Enterprise comes with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offering a number of threat-mitigation techniques and only available for Enterprise customers.

The ATP research team has blogged about these techniques explaining that the techniques can handle both known threats and unidentified vulnerabilities two of which were neutralised last November.

According to press reports, the first attack exploited a flaw in the Windows font library. This would have enabled hackers to elevate their account privileges on targeted computers so they could install code that would provide “backdoor” access to systems.

It’s a bit like a burglar secretly changing the locks to your kitchen door while posing as a locksmith and then having a key to get inside your house whenever he pleases.

Windows Defender ATP can defend against such threats by carrying out additional checks to ensure that unauthorised code cannot be added. However, it’s only available to those who sign up for Windows 10 Enterprise E5. Essentially, it’s the E3 version with advanced threat protection bolted on.

Volume licensing

First ask an independent IT consultant to assess how much the licensing fees would be for your organisation – and how much potential protection your business will gain from it.

One cautionary note: Just because your organisation opts for E5, it’s not time to ditch your old anti-virus programmes. There will be legacy storage and systems that may still need to be protected and you will be interacting with other businesses that don’t have E5.

Gary Jowett, from Computer & Network Consultants in Brighton, says: “Many businesses think that Windows 10 Professional provides for all their needs when, in fact, as time goes by, it will really only be appropriate for small businesses. Larger organisations – or businesses that have expansion plans – need to seriously consider Enterprise due to the additional security features it now offers.

Post-breach layer

Lots of businesses across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire have switched to Windows 10 already and will probably be aware that Windows Defender is built in as a free service and automatically protects against the latest threats.

However, it doesn’t protect against threats yet to be identified namely those bits of malware and devious botnets lurking in the shadows. Hence why Advanced Threat Protection provides a “post-breach” layer of protection.

The stark fact is that, as your business grows, the threat of attack increases meaning it’s time to extend the perimeter fencing, improve the locks and alarms on your buildings and employ more security guards.

The same applies for your IT systems the difference is, however, that criminals won’t need to wear a stocking on their heads or carry a crowbar to steal from you.

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