Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Teams

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At the heart of every business is a conversation. Between your team, between suppliers, customers, local or global. A telephone call is good, we have been making those for a long time-since March 10th, 1876, to be precise. Interestingly, the first words spoken by Alexander Graham Bell in the worlds first telephone call, were: ‘‘Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you’’.

‘‘Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you’’

Fast forward to 2022 and now we have Microsoft Teams. You can do exactly as Mr Bell requested of Mr Watson. Getting the best from your communication is at the heart of Microsoft Teams. It is a cloud-based hub, a unified communication platform that natively integrates all of the tools onboard Microsoft 365 for you seamlessly. Whereby, you can host video, chat, create word documents, use power-point, share screens, use a whiteboard, take notes and record it all.

The power of video to express yourself without any muddying of information is truly astonishing. Microsoft Teams is not just about changing technology for technology’s sake. TEAMS is about letting everyone have their say and getting involved in the business.

The COVID19 pandemic tested everyone’s business model. When Microsoft Teams was first launched in March 2017 it had some two million users, by 2021, it had grown to some 145 million active daily users. The ability to stay safe at home and make a video call was just what business needed.

TEAMS meeting minutes have now reached upwards of five billion. The term ‘I’m on a TEAM’S call’ has become ubiquitous. A face-to-face TEAMS call is now seen as standard. That’s because its simple to use and it’s a way of investing in your business relationships when you can’t be in front of your colleague / supplier / customer. TEAMS is about as good as it gets to being there. TEAMS has helped us to evolve, to optimise and uncover better ways of doing business.

Meetings just got smarter

Microsoft Teams makes it easy for you. When you need to schedule a meeting, all you need is the email address of the person you would like to meet, send them an email and all the invitee has to do is to press accept. From there on in, TEAMS has some wonderful in meeting tools and features; you can share your screens, chat, take notes, even record the whole thing for those that missed it.

‘‘Interactive, engaging, creative, empowering, Microsoft Teams –
the perfect platform for personal interaction’’


Collaborate in real time video calling

Work in real time together. ‘Press Join,’ or ‘Meet Now’ and that’s it your in. The video facility is great, you really get to collaborate with your colleagues. Everyone can participate, developing it there and then in front of everyone. It makes better use of your time, instead of having to go away, come back, go away. With Microsoft Teams, the relevance of a person working remotely or in the office becomes redundant, because your camera is agnostic to wherever you are in the world. Teams empowers a remote workforce; it allows you to innovate faster.

Focus, focus, business focus

The whole experience when using Microsoft Teams is about effective use of your business time. Any information that is sent to you is delivered to the appropriate channel, so that you are less distracted with irrelevant conversations, typically because you are on the clock in a meeting. There is no wasted time, it becomes a real time chat on topic. And because all of what you need is held within Microsoft 365, users do not need to wander off to find ‘stuff elsewhere’, so it’s a much more professional experience all round for users.

Voice calling with Microsoft Teams

If video calling is not your first choice, if you don’t want to appear on camera, no problem. TEAMS voice calling can enable up to 300 people to participate on a call simultaneously.


Access all platforms

TEAMS is not governed by a specific hardware, so you do not need to have a particular piece of kit. You can use a mobile, laptop, desktop – indeed, any kind of platform designed for calls will work with Microsoft Teams, and you will get crystal clear definition with it at all times.

No more limitations of software

Microsoft Teams is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. So that anybody, anywhere can use whatever they have to be in on the call. Teams has API’s that work with whatever planning tool you might use; it truly lets you work together.

‘‘With the instant messaging function, you can brighten
up the conversation with documents, stickers, GIF’s, even
emojis in the sidebar’’

Your environment protected with MFA

Microsoft 365 has woven into its DNA an extra layer of security. During the sign in process users are confronted with 2 multi-factor authentication (MFA), so that you can safeguard your business with a seamless identity solution. The default authentication is to use Microsoft Authenticator app. You will be prompted for information, as well as additional verification information, and then you can enter the system.

Fewer Emails, more clarity

Microsoft Teams does not quite make emails redundant, but isn’t it quicker to talk to someone and get the thing sorted in seconds? Emails can be laborious. First you have to think what you have to write, then you have to write it, subject line etc, etc. Did they receive it? Is it fully understood? Why have they not responded? Hold on, they did not answer the bit about that. Using Teams video or voice just cuts through that for you, reducing email threads, or clutter for you.


Let everyone know what is going on

If you want everyone to know what is going on all at the same time, remote or hybrid, Microsoft Teams allows for teams of 2 to 10,000 to come together and be updated simultaneously all on the same call. That means that your customers, no matter who they talk with, will receive the same information about your company. Everybody is on message, working from a single business narrative.

‘‘Microsoft Teams, a place to meet and collaborate, regardless of wherever you are’’

File storage

Teams is all about access. It is about being able to collaborate, cut paste, edit, work together seamlessly in real time. But, if it all goes wrong, don’t worry, Microsoft 365 has an auto save function. Because Teams is a cloud-based system, everyone will be able to access information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


Microsoft Teams is a business focussed tool that has heaps of benefits for the modern tech savvy business. That’s the technical answer. The real answer about Teams is that it can become the central hub for your business, allowing you to pull whatever you are doing, whatever you’re creating, wherever you are – all together.

Teams is about making business processes smoother, richer, safer. It allows you to stay better connected with your colleagues and your customers. You can truly have all the access you need to do business, all your business resources and more, all living in one place. So, take the time to invest in some of its functions and you will see the reward on your bottom line, across the whole company.

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