Big demand for secure messaging

Big demand for secure messaging

Reading Time: 2 minutes2nd August 2015 | Modified: 19th December 2022

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Many people don’t realise that emails can be easily intercepted and read. That’s why many British companies are choosing a new secure messaging solution to shut out prying eyes.

A lot of businesses think that when they send someone an email it’s a totally private communication. In fact it can be accessed by a system administrator and read before the intended recipient opens it.

The good news is that Mimecast has added secure messaging to its suite of secure email gateway services. This makes it much easier and safer to email private information to any customer or business partner.

Gary Jowett from CNC in Brighton explains: “Previously, a company would have had to install additional hardware and software on the recipient’s PC. With Mimecast’s secure messaging all that’s needed is a username and password to access emails from the cloud. No system administrator can read the emails which are encrypted and securely stored.”


Secure messaging is becoming a very attractive service for many South East businesses such as solicitors, accountants and architects. It equips them with specific policies for email messaging including expiration date, read receipt, forwarding restrictions and the ability to revoke user access.

It’s a new tool in the Mimecast suite of secure gateway services that help protect businesses against spam, viruses and many other threats.

These gateway services can be used in two different modes. Retention mode enables track and trace, large file send, content control and secure messaging. Cloud-based archiving also enables rapid search and retrieval of historic emails so businesses can always access emails and files from the cloud, even when their servers aren’t working.

By contrast zero retention mode eliminates legal and privacy concerns. Emails pass through the gateway without being stored beyond delivery.

Low outlay

The annual cost of Mimecast for a business with 25 people is £1,250 + VAT plus an annual charge of £36 +VAT per each user that needs the Secure Messaging option. This is a relatively low outlay to ensure your business can be more responsive and productive.

It also gives your customers increased confidence in your services because they are secure in the knowledge that private information is in safe hands. This is another factor that will help to enhance your brand, retain existing customers and win new business.

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