Why outsourcing is better and cheaper

Why outsourcing is better and cheaper

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Outsourcing IT is now common sense for many businesses. Quite simply, it delivers a better service at a lower price.
An outsourcer has to comply with binding service level agreements. If they don’t, they could face penalties and lose the contract. So, there’s always an incentive for them to provide a good service.

Changing to an outsourced IT arrangement is particularly relevant for companies comprising of 15 to 40 employees explains Gary Jowett from Computer & Network Consultants. This is when the workload for a small in-house IT team becomes overwhelming. Delays can occur because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day or pairs of hands to deal with every IT issue.

IT affects all business areas

Gone are the days when IT had a limited role in businesses. Screens have replaced paper in every department. IT pervades every aspect of business operations. When something goes seriously wrong, all aspects of your business could be affected including the payroll, sales ledgers, phone systems and customer service records.

If you’re a recruitment agency, accountant or solicitor and you employ an in-house IT manager, they will find it increasingly difficult to service the needs of every employee efficiently. While they may jump to help a director, they will be less responsive to foot soldiers.

You could employ a large IT department ready and waiting to deal with such a problem.

However, for most growing businesses in London and across Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, that’s an expensive solution.

IT problems don’t crop up all the time and you’ll be committed to paying salaries, holiday pay, sick leave and national insurance even when the IT team isn’t doing anything.

Choose an experienced IT outsourcer

That’s why it’s much better to use an outsourced solution from an experienced managed IT services provider. They will be more flexible and fleet-footed.

“Choosing to outsource IT is a wise decision because it actually helps you concentrate on your core business,” says CNC’s Gary Jowett. “You can control your annual IT costs more closely because these are set out from the outset and SLAs mean you’ll get what you are paying for. In addition, you’ll benefit from the broader knowledge and experience an external consultant can offer. This means your IT services will always be kept up to date with the latest developments.”

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