Planning to move? Sort out your IT as your first priority!

Planning to move? Sort out your IT as your first priority!

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Are you planning to relocate your business soon? Then you should put IT at the top of your checklist.

All too often IT is way down the list for many companies that are planning to move. Failure to plan IT well in advance disrupts business operations and results in disgruntled customers.

Some companies overlook the need for extra space to house servers and other IT equipment. Others don’t check whether there’s access to external cabling for network connections.

Check network connections

There are a wealth of vacant offices where the lease is being offered at a very reasonable price but there’s always a good reason why it’s so cheap. It could be that there’s no immediate access to cabling to connect leased lines.

Such an elementary problem can be avoided if your IT consultant is involved in the search and assessment of new premises. Ideally, this should be six months ahead of the move.

Gary Jowett from Computer & Network Consultants in Shoreham-By-Sea says: “A big issue can be obtaining a landlord’s consent for any changes you need to the new premises. Some easily agree alterations while others require lengthy negotiation and charge a large fee. You could find a landlord won’t budge at all on the changes you need. This is why it’s necessary to check well in advance to avoid any major problems.”

Moving to bigger premises should be a positive step for expanding companies but it can have a negative impact if IT isn’t made a priority.

That’s why ambitious companies in London and across the South East always put IT at the top of their checklist. They know it will help them hit the ground running when they move in to their new home. This will help give them competitive advantage over their rivals.

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