Is your office telephone system holding you back?

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Is your office telephone system holding you back?

Reading Time: 2 minutes15th December 2022

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So much has changed in the modern office over the last 50 years.  Typewriters and fax have given way to the computer and email.  Social media and the internet have opened up channels of communications and commerce that could never be imagined in the mid-20th century.  Yet, despite all these technological advances the office telephone remains.  A last bastion of communication in a changing world and often the go-to for clients wanting to contact your company.

So is your telephone system holding your company back? The humble telephone provides a human face to your company.  The length of time it rings before being answered, the way it is answered and how you deal with the caller all reflect on you and your business.

Good  morning how can I help?

A cheery good morning or good afternoon is a great way to answer a call followed by your company name.  Why?  Because callers generally don’t hear the first couple of seconds of a call after you answer so using the throwaway lines of good morning/good afternoon work a treat because they will hear the important part – your company name.

But it’s more than that.  Your phone system needs to be easy and intuitive to use so calls can be transferred quickly and easy.  The system needs to adapt to the changing needs of the business, often at short notice.  With the move to more flexible working staff need to answer phones away from the traditional office and still be able to process callers with the same efficiency as if they were sat in the office at their desk.  The same applies for outgoing calls.  When we work remotely we need to be available and have the ability to make calls and show the company number.

Knowing the Facts

Do you know when your peak time is for incoming calls so you can plan your staffing arrangements accordingly?  Without this knowledge it becomes hit and miss and as a result callers can often suffer. Call reporting helps you pinpoint these times.

From hosted phone systems to systems installed in your office, CNC offer future proof telephony solutions.

The Right Solution

Our cloud based CNC CloudPhone offers a cost effective system priced on a per-extension basis with powerful features such as

  • auto attendants
  • hunt groups
  • voicemail
  • an app for your mobile
  • choice of Yealink desk phones.

For larger organisations 3CX provides the perfect and adaptable system allowing future expansion for a known fixed cost.  A host of features are included:

  • auto attendants
  • queues/hunt groups
  • call recording
  • call reporting
  • an app for your mobile
  • choice of Yealink desk phones.

In both cases the systems are easy to use, easy to learn and provide you with a platform for managing your calls in an effective manner.

For those that want everything in one place there is also the option to integrate your telephony with Microsoft Teams which offer basic call handling features on a per-extension pricing model.

All of this is backed up with support from the CNC ServiceDesk – so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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By Paul Stephenson

Paul has spent his career working in IT and telecoms across a variety of business sectors. He has a passion for training and imparting knowledge to people guiding them to use their systems in the most effective way.