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Paul Earl Ltd

A key bespoke software solution has transformed the way the company works following innovative thinking and ideas from the business and then dedicated delivery by CNC Ltd ensure it all came together.

Paul Earl Ltd needed a solution that could actually deliver for their growing business

Experts in complex electrical engineering projects from inception to completion for more than 50 years, Paul Earl Ltd has been delivering the very best service right across the UK.

With the company building on its nationwide reputation for quality, safety, and efficient management of complex electrical works, their workload had increased so much, that they needed to expand their network infrastructure, with a cloud-ready, cybersecure-software management system, to continue delivering exceptional results.

The Problem

The company used Microsoft Access to support their in-house management system. However, over the last 20 years their database had evolved considerably and they were concerned that it couldn’t grow with them or be available from remote locations.

It was a useful tool to engineers on site and helped with how they managed their various tasks. However, the company recognised that if they wanted to continue their growth strategy, four key things needed to be done with the new database.

  • Various projects were testing the limits of the old database, it was estimated that within two years it would start to cost them, with tech-related delays.
  • Several new features had entered the marketplace which the company’s projects could benefit from; however, the Access platform would struggle. They needed a new database that could be mapped out, supported and scaled accordingly in the future.
  • In line with their business strategy, the new database needed to be delivered as a web-based solution, and not reliant on a locally installed software application.
  • That the new database would have enhanced cyber security controls in place; and not be reliant upon a third-party system that could be breached beyond their control.

The Challenge​


  • Whilst the old software had been mapped out, not much of it could be used, as software development and delivery techniques had moved forward substantially in the last 20 years.
  • A strategic road map, outlining the business’s present and future needs: ‘How do you work, how do you want to work?’ had to be created.
  • It was understood that the new features could be discovered during the project’s development and that these would add additional time, however, everything needed to be in place and working by the summer of 2023.
  • The project had to be delivered as a web browser. It would need to be universally available, and easy to maintain. There should be no limitations on speed and ease of access placed on it.
Team brainstorming. Creative managers crew working with new startup project in office.

“ From the outset of our journey to upgrade our internal project system, CNC were very proactive and efficient in dealing with our specific requirements. Even though there were inevitable stumbling blocks along”

The Benefits​​

  • MySQL was chosen as the foundation to the new database. It is a time-tested open-source platform, armed with lots of self-management features, easy to use, reliable and, it runs fast.
  • It can process multiple queries with optimum speed, so information is easier to access, thus reducing the time for the business to manage and analyse data.
  • The new system’s interface is so much smoother, quicker and easier to use. The time taken to teach new recruits about the new system has substantially reduced.
  • Information is now stored so consistently, that the company can track and view all of their information, thus giving them a clearer view of all their processes and, how it contributes to the performance and success of a project.
  • Now that new features are able to be added by all the team, data sharing is so much faster. The ability to gather information quicker, has helped empower all of the company’s stakeholders to make more informed decisions.
  • The new database offers superior data integrity, that supports all of the enhanced cyber security measures that they have put in place.


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