Why will firms adopt Windows 10?

Why will firms adopt Windows 10?

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Many South East businesses are now eager for the launch of the new Windows 10 operating system (OS) – particularly because it’s being offered free for a year by Microsoft for devices running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Computer consultants such as CNC in Shoreham-By-Sea are welcoming the arrival of Windows 10 because it’s a big improvement on the Windows 8 OS and it supports an expanding range of software and hardware that will help businesses to be more cost-effective and profitable.

A lot of organisations across East and West Sussex didn’t actually make the move to Windows 8, preferring to remain with Windows 7.

Those who did adopt Windows 8 were soon frustrated by a basic flaw – the lack of a Start button.

The Start button has been restored with Windows 10. The menu also brings up tiles that can be resized – one of the advantages retained from Windows 8.

Can Windows 10 benefit my business?

In fact, Windows 10 offers much more than an improved look and feel. It offers immense opportunities for businesses to grow using an ever-expanding range of tools.

One analyst at the Forrester research consultancy has described Windows 10 as a “huge invitation to software developers” to write exciting and powerful applications that will attract more customers. For UK businesses, this means it will offer a growing number of applications and hardware to help them be more efficient and serve their customers in new and different ways.

New hardware for Windows 10

There’s already evidence that many IT managers in London and the Home Counties are now considering a careful migration to Windows 10, once it is launched later this year, which will include new hardware.

You need new hardware because the operating system has been designed to support a much more flexible way of working.
For example, some of the latest hardware supported by Windows 10 gives the user a tablet with a snap on keyboard for typing up documents and, in some cases, a stylus for writing notes.

In other words, the user can interact with the device in any way he or she likes – making it a much more enjoyable experience.

Talk to your South East IT provider

Choosing the right hardware will depend upon a company’s strategy and the structure of its business. Some businesses may have a large field force who need to be mobile at all times. Other organisations may operate from fixed locations for the majority of the working week.

This is why you need to speak to an experienced IT consultant who will help you decide the most appropriate hardware to buy. Your consultant will also help you plan and execute your migration to avoid any disruption to your day-to-day business activities.

Why not stick with Windows 7?

While many companies in the South East may soon make the transition because the Windows 10 software is free this year, others will probably stay a bit longer with the Windows 7 OS they have come to know and love.

Unfortunately remaining with what you know and love isn’t an option. Eventually Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 with software updates and your IT will become vulnerable to all sorts of problems. Vital data could be corrupted and security firewalls breached by malicious intruders.

This is why all the top IT consultants in the UK stress that Windows 10 is the future reality and, without a carefully-crafted plan to make the journey to this new and exciting environment, businesses may suffer future disruption which will seriously affect relationships with customers and suppliers.

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