Disaster recovery planning vital for businesses

Disaster recovery planning vital for businesses

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Total devastation of the workplace, including all computer systems, is a nightmare that many businesses in the South East are unprepared for.

Even when snow or other extreme weather stops employees from getting into work, a back-up plan is essential so that productivity is unaffected.

As a customer of CNC in Shoreham-by-Sea experienced recently, no amount of fire prevention and other safety measures can always avoid such a disaster as that which hit South Oxfordshire District Council when a man used gas canisters to set fire to the authority’s offices and other local buildings.

No one was hurt but the attack caused enormous disruption to the 400 people who work there including a CNC customer who sub-let an office from the council.

East Sussex power failure

Gary Jowett of CNC said: “In another incident, this time in East Sussex, a local electricity sub-station was wrecked by an explosion and an industrial estate nearby was without power for a number of days.

“A number of businesses there were unable to operate because, like many UK companies and businesses, they did not have a proper disaster recovery plan to fall back on.”

Business continuity experts

When such an event happens, businesses should have in place resilient IT solutions that enable the majority of their employees to work from home or another remote location.

These IT solutions are an essential part of the plan which may also include the use of an off-site data centre to provide total back up for all computer systems; the purchase and regular testing of standby generators; and a ‘battle box’ kept at a remote location which contains all essential information so that a business can continue to function fully even when a major disaster happens.

IT back up services

As computing services are at the heart of most companies’ working processes, a lot of IT consultants are experienced at providing a robust plan for all types of organisations which can be carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Fundamentally, the disaster recovery/business continuity plan should be able to back up a company’s systems and data at a remote location and this back up should be readily accessible as soon as the business is disrupted.

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