Goodbye Windows 7 – it’s time to switch

Goodbye Windows 7 – it’s time to switch

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Microsoft marked Windows 10’s first birthday this summer with an anniversary update offering new and enhanced features.

Unfortunately, some firms in Sussex weren’t able to benefit from the update because they’re still using Windows 7. Many are also ignorant of the fact that, from 31 October, they will no longer be able to buy equipment loaded with Windows 7.

Gary Jowett from CNC in Brighton says: “There’s lots of new kit still in suppliers’ warehouses with Windows 7 loaded, but buying this equipment doesn’t form part of a sensible long-term IT strategy. We’re advising all our customers to make the switch as soon as possible because Windows 10 will soon become the standard operating system all customers and business partners expect you to use.”

Anniversary enhancements

The anniversary update offers many new and enhanced features.

These include using Windows Hello with Windows apps and with the Microsoft Edge internet browser. This enables a more personal way to sign-in to devices that offers enterprise-grade security without having to type in a password.

In addition, Windows 10’s free anti-malware service, Windows Defender, now includes an option to automatically schedule periodic quick scans of your PC. Enterprises can also opt for Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection which investigates and responds to advanced malicious attacks on networks.

The anniversary update also introduces Windows Ink – a new note-taking and annotation feature for anyone using a stylus who prefers to write things down not type. It will be a boon companion for people working in large factory spaces and warehouse areas who need to jot-down vital information.

New enterprise-grade version

Hot on the heels of this anniversary update, Microsoft has unveiled a new enterprise-grade version called Windows 10 Enterprise E3 CSP. It’s supported by Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and there’s a monthly licence fee per user.

E3 CSP offers more sophisticated security and simpler licensing and deployment. Moreover, the configuration and management of devices is provided by an IT partner who’s experienced in Windows 10 and cloud deployments.

However, it’s a good idea to speak to your IT consultant before considering the new version because there are other options for enterprises such as Windows 10 Enterprise. This continues to be available through Microsoft’s regular licensing programmes.

Farewell Windows 7

While it will be a sad farewell for many companies in the South East so accustomed to using the tried-and-trusted Windows 7, a switch to Windows 10 has to be the most seamless and painless option.

Gary Jowett adds: “Anyone who’s still buying new kit with Windows 7 on it is making the wrong move. The kit may seem cheaper but it’s a false economy which leads to a dead end that will cause unnecessary disruption in the future. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 is here to stay. The good news is, it’s easy to install. And once you have it there won’t be another operating system to upgrade to. Windows 10 will simply evolve with regular updates from Microsoft removing the headache and hassle from any company’s IT planning.”

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