Ignore the myths about cloud services

Ignore the myths about cloud services

Reading Time: 2 minutes6th August 2016 | Modified: 19th December 2022

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There are many myths, frequently repeated, which still deter some companies from moving their IT into the cloud.

One of them is that a move to the cloud means your business will lose control of its technology.

“That’s simply not true,” says Gary Jowett from Computer & Network Consultants in Brighton. “You will still have total control over your technology but your IT department won’t have to worry about constant updates. Time spent maintaining hardware and upgrading software is significantly reduced. Your IT team can concentrate on finding the best technology to drive your business forward rather than spending most of its time acting as a daily repair service.”

Is your data safe?

Another myth is that keeping your data at your premises is safer than storing it in the cloud.

Even if your company has a large IT security team it can rarely handle all the security alerts that may occur every day. However, if you use a cloud-based service like Microsoft Office 365, it acts as an extension of your IT security team and handles all the security alerts for you.

Every business is different and the people who run businesses have different attitudes to risk and risk management. Most companies take a hybrid approach to start with which often means moving a single workload into the cloud and then growing their cloud presence from there.

However, one thing which still worries some companies is that corporate spies, cyber thieves and governments will have access to their data if it’s stored in the cloud.

“That’s another myth,” explains Gary. “Your IT team manages access to your data and sets up rights and restrictions. You retain the rights, title and interest in the data stored on Office 365.”

Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. The standard establishes a uniform international approach to protecting privacy for personal data stored in the cloud.

Secure data centres

The term ‘cloud’ may sound worryingly intangible but the hard facts about major cloud services providers should dispel any residual fears. Major cloud services providers invest immense sums of money ensuring their data centres are secure and adhere to the highest standards.

Companies that are already using Office 365 will have banished one more myth which is often aired – that 365 is simply a new version of Office you access through a browser.

In fact, it combines familiar Office tools with the ability for your employees to work more efficiently and collaborate with colleagues wherever they are working.

So, if your business aims to expand its reach to new customers and new territories without incurring extra costs for renting more office space, it’s time to deal in hard facts and not be frightened off by unfounded myths.

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