Free Windows 10 upgrade deadline looms

Free Windows 10 upgrade deadline looms

Reading Time: 2 minutes10th April 2016 | Modified: 19th December 2022

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The deadline for your business to upgrade free to the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is fast approaching.

Sadly, many Sussex firms are still dragging their heels which is hardly surprising when computer manufacturers continue to ship equipment loaded with Windows 7. But make no mistake, support for the much-loved Windows 7 will end and companies will have to upgrade to Windows 10.

So why are businesses in Worthing, Brighton and Eastbourne still sitting on their hands? When the free upgrade deadline expires on 29 July, it will cost businesses around £160 +VAT per user to upgrade.

Clearly a lot of businesses are adopting a “wait and see” approach after the failure of Windows 8. That, however, is a mistake because Windows 10 will never be a White Elephant. It differs completely from previous operating systems because it’s frequently updated on an evolutionary basis. You’ll never need to go through a major upgrade again.

Growth in mobile workforces

The move towards mobile smart devices is clear from the reduction in new PCs being shipped. It’s a good indicator that businesses are choosing mobile technology to help their employees work anywhere, supported by secure cloud-based services.

By adopting a more mobile way of working, companies are slashing expensive city centre costs and making their employees more flexible and more productive.

A salesman who once had to drive to the city to log-on to his PC and report back to his supervisor about sales made the previous evening, no longer needs to make that journey. He can use a laptop or tablet to update his boss and the company’s sales records from home and then set off for the next sales appointment bright and early.

Windows 10 FAQs

Microsoft has designed Windows 10 with this greater mobility and workforce flexibility in mind.

But if you’re still pondering whether to make the move, Microsoft provides comprehensive answers to many common questions online (FAQ). It’s also worth speaking to your local IT services provider who can suggest the best technology to help you harness the full benefits of the new OS.

“It’s quick and easy to install and makes large scale upgrades a thing of the past,” explains Gary Jowett from CNC in Shoreham-By-Sea. “You’ll never need to replace it with a different OS because it will be regularly updated as your business grows. And it offers many of the features people know and love from Windows 7.”

And if Gartner’s analysis is accurate 50 per cent of enterprises will have started deploying Windows 10 by January 2017.

What this means is that companies who rely on big business for large contracts need to be thinking ahead, to ensure their systems are compatible with those used by the big corporations they already serve and to be ready for any new customers who come knocking on their door.

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