Businesses must monitor IT at all times

Businesses must monitor IT at all times

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Making sure IT services are properly monitored is something businesses ignore at their peril.

Keeping on-site servers cool is a prime example. Air conditioning in server rooms must be monitored at all times to ensure it is functioning properly. Otherwise, a server could overheat and cause major disruption to a business.

South Coast companies who are looking to introduce reliable monitoring solutions should contact one of the region’s experienced IT consultants in Brighton, Southampton or Portsmouth.

They will advise businesses to fit a small piece of monitoring equipment in their server room which constantly checks air temperature and humidity, detecting smoke and water leakage from the air conditioning. If a critical situation arises the monitoring device contacts designated people in the business by phone, text and email.

Gary Jowett from CNC in Brighton explains: “Monitoring equipment is essential because you it is impossible to physically check your servers all the time. So, if your air conditioning develops a fault on a Saturday evening when your office is closed, you’ll know about the problem quickly and be able to take steps to avoid it escalating.”

Is your website properly monitored?

Making sure your website is always available is equally important, albeit for different reasons.

If a company website is unavailable for any reason, new customers will seek services elsewhere – and existing customers may think the business is no longer trading.
CNC is one expert consultancy in the South East that can provide a central monitoring service for clients’ websites. The service keeps an eye on the site and lets clients know when any remedial action needs to be taken.

“This service is essential for companies who rely on people gaining access to their website out-of-hours or at weekends,” says Gary. “Recruitment agencies, for example, will have many people accessing their website at evenings and weekends so it’s vital that it’s working at all times.”

Many companies in London and the Home Counties are using a dependable monitoring service installed by professional consultants because they know that to not do so would be irresponsible.

Failure to check vital hardware and software can cost a company dearly in many ways including reduced productivity, disaffected customers and damaged data.

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