South East IT providers should have ISO9001

South East IT providers should have ISO9001

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Businesses looking for the best IT services provider in the South East should first check which ones have the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification as firm evidence that they are committed to continually improving business performance.

ISO9001:2008 makes some IT services companies stand out from the rest because it proves that they plan everything they do and they constantly monitor the plan as it’s delivered so that it can be continually improved. This, in turn, enhances services for customers.

Internationally-recognised QMS

ISO9001 certifications are now globally recognised as the international quality management system (QMS) standard required to do business in all market sectors.

Indeed, businesses that don’t have ISO9001 aren’t taken seriously by large companies. These large companies often sell their services to organisations in the public sector which require evidence that a company and its suppliers have effective quality management systems in place in order to comply with strict procurement procedures.

Maintain high standards for IT

The international standard can be adapted to any kind of organisation and ensures a company focuses primarily on meeting customers’ requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Gary Jowett of Sussex-based CNC in Shoreham-by-Sea explained: “ISO9001 certification means your IT services provider will be effective and consistent by using documented processes to eliminate inefficiencies, inconsistencies and bad practice.

“It’s tangible proof to new customers that an IT consultancy has a quality management system in place that will be regularly re-assessed by an independent assessor to ensure high standards are being maintained.”

IT outsourcing and disaster recovery

Evidence of an effective quality management system is crucially important if a company is considering outsourcing IT support to reduce costs and improve IT.

Knowing that an IT provider has well-documented and well-monitored processes is also essential if they offer disaster recovery and backup services.

By having a regularly updated plan which is rigorously reviewed, the best IT consultants in the South East of England will quickly restore a customer’s IT systems without losing any files, emails or other essential data.

CNC’s Gary Jowett commented: “We were awarded ISO9001: 2008 because we demonstrated that we document what we do, we do what we document and we can also prove our plan works whilst improving on the plan. This may sound quite simple when, in fact, it requires a lot of diligence and dedication. These are essential qualities your IT services provider needs in order to effectively support your business.”

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