Could my SME be making better use of digital platforms such as Twitter & G+?

Could my SME be making better use of digital platforms such as Twitter & G+?

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Social media is viewed as one of the most revolutionary aspects of the internet age, changing the way we communicate, socialise and do business. Many experts would suggest that embracing this medium is as important as securing competent IT support.

Virtually every consumer in the modern world is connected to social media in some way, even if it’s just a Facebook profile they use intermittently for keeping in touch with friends.

Such is the power and reach of social media that businesses of all sizes can’t afford to ignore it. Large corporations will have entire teams dedicated to social media strategy and delivery, yet many small businesses will barely have any presence at all.

SMEs don’t have the same marketing budgets as larger firms, but social media is a relatively inexpensive marketing channel. So, how can SMEs make better use of digital platforms like Twitter and Google+?

Don’t ignore Google+

It may not get the same media attention as the likes of Twitter or Facebook, but Google+ has been quietly amassing hundreds of millions of users in the last two years.

There are now more than 350 million active users on Google+, which from a business perspective makes it impossible to ignore.

Then there’s the fact that content and links shared via Google+ immediately has a higher SEO value, as it is looked on favourably by Google.

Get heard on Twitter

It’s fair to say that Twitter is one of the messiest social media platforms out there, with links, hashtags and mentions cluttering the feed.

Getting noticed above the noise on Twitter is easier said than done, but a few simple steps can make all the difference.

The key is to keep sharing and re-tweeting interesting content to keep your followers interested and attract other people to your feed.

Cross platform promotion

One tactic that many SMEs don’t employ enough involves forming a social media strategy that encompasses all platforms and channels.

Rather than tweeting one thing and putting something else on Facebook, distribute the same content across all platforms to maximise engagement.

It’s also important to link all platforms together and integrate them into your website or blog, to deliver a single, effective strategy.

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