Was your workforce unproductive again?

Was your workforce unproductive again?

Reading Time: 2 minutes14th March 2013 | Modified: 13th January 2023

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Were some or all of your employees amongst the millions who didn’t make it to work this week and what did the recent snowfalls cost you in terms of absenteeism and lost productivity?

Using a combination of Citrix and Voice over IP technology, the CNC team and many of our customers continued to be productive from alternative locations, reducing the chance of them being stranded or involved in an accident.

CNC can work with you and provide you with a solution that will free up your staff to work from anywhere whilst you remain in control of user rights and security.

The software makes it possible for mobile and remote access users to run your key applications from the central Windows server as if right at the main computer site. This can be done securely via a standard internet browser from any pc whether at home, the airport, customer site or a wireless hotspot.

Implementing this flexible solution will ensure that next time the snow arrives, your employees can carry on building your business instead of snowmen…!

Please contact us today on 0845 0700 585 and we can demonstrate how effective these technologies are and how they can help your business.

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By Gary

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