Try before you buy!

Try before you buy!

Your chance to try before you buy a PC

Will replacing your PC’s really make a difference? Let us convince you FREE OF CHARGE.

Like many businesses you may continue to use your PC’s until they literally fail and only replace when the user can’t use them anymore.

As a PC gets older it gets slower with increasing risk of crashes which then leads to a serious decrease in a user’s productivity.

By the time a user complains about their PC you may already have lost many man hours as users wait for the cursor to catch up with their typing, for files to load or orders to be processed.

If your PC’s are over 4 years old, NOW may be the time to refresh them.

We are so confident that a PC refresh will make a huge difference we are offering to put in a trial system FREE OF CHARGE and with no obligation to pay.

If, after a two week trial period, you can see for yourself the benefits that a new PC brings only then will you pay for the machine and a small install fee. You can then roll out other new machines as you see fit. On the other hand, if you are not convinced of the benefits after you have used the new machine we will simply take it away and you will not have to pay a penny, meaning there is no risk to you.

For more information please contact our sales department on 0845 0700 585 or email