2nd Site Server Recovery

2nd Site Server Recovery

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Working with your IT department to guard against server downtime.

An Emergency Response Service for your servers – be up and running in hours rather than days in the event of a server disaster.

Your internal IT department may be responsible for managing your key servers but there is always a risk of major failure to hardware and software that can bring down your systems and subsequently your day to day business operations.

Depending on the severity of the issue you may be down for days and you need to consider the impact on the bottom line, not forgetting damage to customer and partner relationships as a result.

CNC offer an affordable emergency response service for your key servers that will get you back up and running in a matter of hours instead of days.

The service is available as a simple monthly fee and provides you with a duplicate backup server within 4 hours from the event of a disaster to your main server.

The following is included in the monthly fee:


  • Dedicated NAS device which can be located away from your server to guard against local fire or flood disasters
  • Market leading replication software that takes an image of your server every 15 minutes which is then stored on the NAS device
  • In the event of a failure to your primary server(s) CNC will be on site within 2 hours with a backup server
  • We will then use the stored image on the NAS device to build you a duplicate machine using the backup server
  • You are then able to use this backup server for up to 14 days as part of the service
  • This frees you up to procure a new server or repair the existing one with minimal downtime to the business

    The following options are also available:


  • Offsite replication of the server images to a secure data centre
  • Fire and flood proof NAS devices for ultimate protection against site disasters
  • Emergency Server procurement/ build and installation services to get a new server in place as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Holiday cover support services for when your IT department needs a break!

    If you are interested in exploring how we can work with your IT department to minimise risk to the business of major downtime please contact the sales department on 0845 0700 585 for further discussion or email sales@cnc-ltd.co.uk

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