Safeguard your Email for 10 years – from £125 per Month

Safeguard your Email for 10 years – from £125 per Month

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As with all businesses, communication with your customers, suppliers and partners via email is likely to be growing at an alarming rate. As such, email and its management and storage is surely becoming a primary concern.

Are You Managing Your Email?

Email storage is increasing, on average at 30% per annum. Once you get to the limits of your Exchange database or your disk capacity you are going to need to start thinking how and where you can store these emails.

Some companies also have operational or regulatory requirements to store email correspondence for a defined period which can often be years in length. This can lead to massive amounts of storage space required along with the need for procedures to guarantee against data loss and accidental deletion.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

Many such solutions require an additional local server, replicating emails off the main server and onto the archive. This requires hardware, software, ongoing management and support along with added complexity to your infrastructure.

CNC’s answer to the archiving issue is simple – in cooperation with Mimecast we offer a managed service which is hosted offsite, working alongside the existing local email server such as Exchange.
Before being delivered to the local email server all emails are archived at three secure UK Data Centre locations to ensure a backup copy is always available. The same applies to all sent emails. Here, they are held securely for the period stipulated by the service.

This means the customer does not have to worry about purchasing, installing, and managing an ever more complex IT infrastructure at their offices.

For a simple per user per annum cost, the customer will be safe in the knowledge that all emails coming in and out of the organisation will be stored for up to 10 years (depending on version selected).

The Added Bonus of Email Disaster Recovery

In addition to email storage and management our solutions also offer Uptime of systems via Email should the users’ local email service fail. Emergency email facilities are instantly available from the Mimecast service with emails still being sent and delivered to users’ inboxes whilst the local Email system is being restored. Users can recover messages for end users that may have been deleted or lost accidentally.

Two Services Available

To cater for the differing needs of our clients, CNC can offer two Archiving solutions:
CNC MailGuard SBE Enterprise is available for £1250 +VAT per annum. This product is identical to the Enterprise version listed below but is limited to 25 users. Installation of £195 is charged by CNC for the small business product.

CNC MailGuard Enterprise Edition costs £70+VAT per user per annum and is a comprehensive archiving solution for those companies who are dependent on their email for day to day operations. It includes 10 years of archiving and an Outlook ‘plug-in’ that allows users to manage the email archive from the Outlook application. Enhanced E-Discovery, Litigation Hold and Case Management tools are also available.

Configuration for this solution is £950 and is direct with MimeCast. CNC charge extra for installation on behalf of the client.


For more information on these solutions please contact our sales department on 0845 0700 585.

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