Welcome to CNC Support Services

It’s great to have you working with us and on this page we’ll set out what we will provide you with as part of our technical service solutions, how to contact us, how we’ll look after you and what to expect from us.

For all departments within CNC

Call our ServiceDesk directly

Our ServiceDesk
We’re open between 7:30am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.


Extended Hours

If you have a ServiceDesk or ServiceDesk Plus support contract then you’ll benefit from extended opening hours between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.  If you call us during that time you’ll be asked to enter a 3-digit access code, which is available on our portal home page.


Customers with 24×7 cover also have a separate 3-digit access code for times outside normal operating hours.  This is shown on our portal home page to anybody who is listed as a Main Contact.  Additional charges apply when using the 24×7 service unless they are included with your contract.  If you are unsure, please speak to your CNC Account Manager.

Email our ServiceDesk:

What to expect when contacting CNC

We review each service request and assign a priority level to reflect the impact it’s having on your business.


Your Service Level Agreement defines the response times that we’ll respond to you in when a Service Request is raised, these are based on the priority of the issue.


The table to the right provides a definition of the priorities. The SLAs are detailed on your contract paperwork which is available on the renewals page.

Priority Description
Entire business unable to operate/trade, so typically server offline, all Internet connections unavailable, key business software failure for all, etc. Please phone us to raise a priority 1.
Severe business impact but some operations possible, this could for example be payroll day and the payroll printer unavailable to print payslips. Please phone or use this portal to raise a priority 2.
All other requests that are not changes. Request via emails are raised as a priority 3 by default
Minor changes, for example, new users, leavers, software installations.
Project work, planned change, i.e. new firewall, PC, server etc that has been scheduled in.

We love hearing your feedback

We always strive to improve our service to you and if you have any comments relating to the experience you’ve received, if we did it well or if we did something not so well then we encourage you to let us know because we take all feedback, good and bad seriously.



Our Customer Service department can be reached on our main number during office hours or you can email us  customerservice@cnc-ltd.co.uk.

Customer review good rating concept

How can you contact us?

By Telephone

For urgent issues we recommend that you telephone our ServiceDesk on 01273 384111


In busy periods you may be asked to queue until someone becomes available, calls are answered in strict rotation and calling back, if you receive the queue message, will affect the speed at which we can get to you and push you back down the queue. 


Please also be aware that at any time during the prompts you may choose to leave a voicemail message which is then sent to the helpdesk immediately to be logged.

By Email

Use the support@cnc-ltd.co.uk address for new requests and please include as much detail as possible, for example, has it happened before, can you recreate the issue, how much of impact it has on you, and any specific contact information. 


For existing requests, reply to any of the emails that have been sent to you from our system for this specific request and it’ll automatically be updated.

By the CNC Portal

You’re already logged into the portal so you can raise new requests from the menu item on the left called Service Requests.
If your colleagues don’t have access already you can tell them to click on the PORTAL button at the top right hand corner of our website to request a new portal password.


Once they have received the email containing a password set link, follow the instructions and then they can log in too.

Raise a Service Request via this portal

Raising a new request on this portal

Service Request Process

All work undertaken by CNC support staff is logged on our system and full details will be sent you to and any nominated Main Contacts within your organisation.


Automatic emails are generated to keep you as informed as possible on the progress of the request, containing the Service Request number, which will be unique and quoted in all subsequent contact with us during its lifetime. 

These are emails you will receive during each incident:


Initial Logging Confirmation Email 

  • This simply advises you that a request has been logged and re-iterates what you have told us.


Work Undertaken Email 

  • We’ll work on your request in the background and email you when we have a relevant update, need some action from you, or have put the work on hold. 
  • You can always see the details of our work in the portal but we’ll keep the technical details and jargon in the emails down to a minimum.


Fixed Email

  • You will be notified when the issue has been classified as fixed.

Key Contacts

Full details of all key members of the CNC Team can be found on our staff page, but here are a few Service related people

Contact Role Number
Gavin Dodd
ServiceDesk Manager
Kelli Dowsett
Service Delivery Manager
Adrian Cragg
Technical Director
James Butler
Technical Account Manager
Michel Rickard
Technical Account Manager
Graham Lind
Managing Director
We Can Help

What if I have a non-service related enquiry?

If your request is not about live service or is a general enquiry about something new or extra then it’s best to contact our Sales department who can quickly review it and pass it onto the best person or team for you.