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FluidOne goes the extra mile for FareShare in 5K charity event

15th April 2024 | Modified: 16th April 2024

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We’re excited to announce FluidOne’s participation in an upcoming event this summer, raising funds for FareShare, our chosen charity partner.  Our staff members who are taking part have to all raise a minimum of £35. Here’s the best part: FluidOne will match whatever our runners raise.

FluidOne takes FareShare cause to heart, with a 5K run organised for this July, to help raise funds for this great charity”

The event is on Tuesday, 23rd July. The start and finish lines are both on roads surrounding the Assembly Area at the Honourable Artillery Company Grounds, London (EC1Y 2BQ). London is a magical city and along the route, we will be passing by some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including St Pauls Cathedral, the Bank of England, and Tower 42.


Here’s why we are taking part:


FareShare was founded in 1994, it’s a remarkable charity network that’s dedicated to addressing two critical issues in the United Kingdom: food poverty and food waste.


Here’s how they make a difference:


1: Rescuing Surplus Food: FareShare collaborates with the food industry to acquire high-quality surplus food that would otherwise be discarded. This includes food from supermarkets, manufacturers, and suppliers.


2: Distribution to Charities: Instead of letting this surplus food go to waste, FareShare channels it to frontline charities and community groups across the UK. These organizations play a crucial role in supporting vulnerable individuals and families.


3: Impact: By redistributing surplus food, FareShare not only provides nourishment to those in need but also contributes to reducing food waste. It’s a win-win situation that benefits both people and the environment.

FareShare’s work exemplifies the power of collaboration and compassion in tackling pressing social and environmental challenges.


Great News


So far, 14 FluidOne team members have put their names down to take part, and that number we are sure, will grow. Together, we can raise funds for a really great cause.


If you would like to contribute to FareShare and the FluidOne 5K run we have created a JustGiving page to support them – JustGiving Link


You can find more information on the FareShare website here.

FluidOne goes the extra mile for FareShare in 5K charity event

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