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All you need to know about an IT Risk Register

14th March 2024 | Modified: 19th March 2024

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What is a Risk Register? It’s a documented record of all the potential risks that you, as a business, could face with your IT. With each issue, all the associated actions that you need to take to manage them will be there for you. It’s a pretty cool tool when you are looking to manage any kind of IT risk across your network.


If you’re a CNC customer, you’ll see the register during your quarterly business review meetings. (QBR’s).

Over the next few months, we’ll be putting together a Risk Register for each of our customers and placing it on the Portal for you”

Listening to your IT network


By documenting risks, you can factor it in as to how you manage your IT. Better to have a centralised repository of all the factors that could impact your business, than to have all the information in all sorts of places. So, with the risks identified, it will allow you, as a business, to respond to them proactively, because you’ll know exactly what to do, without having to waste time looking for it.


For instance, if you are working on a project, and you need to allocate resources to it, the register will help you to make an informed choice, because you’ll know about any inherent risks involved.


Risk Registers are an excellent mechanism for helping you to develop and improve your company’s cyber security posture. By maintaining an accurate picture of what IT you are running, you can assess threats and vulnerabilities ahead of when they could happen. A well-maintained risk register is a powerful ally in helping you safeguard your company’s data, ensuring its resilience in an ever-evolving threat landscape.


Internal communication


There’s nothing worse than when everyone is not reading off the same page. So, a risk register is a useful piece of documentation for a business to have. It can act as a common internal language for discussing risks within the business by making sure that everyone interprets the risks in the same way.

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All you need to know about an IT Risk Register

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