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Outsourced IT Support: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Company

15th January 2024 | Modified: 16th January 2024

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Outsourced IT support is just like a marriage.

Outsourced IT support is just like a marriage. It’s about finding an IT partner who is going to go through all the joys and wonders of business life, with your hand in hand. So how do you find that perfect IT partnership?

The world of technology support is a highly competitive market, with lots of companies out there to choose from. Here are my top five tips to help you say ‘yes, I do’ on the day.


Experienced outsourced IT support boosts productivity

Technology is a wonderful thing; it can really lift the fortunes of your business. However, technology is always changing, so it’s absolutely essential to find out if your potential partner knows their ’technology’. Are they proficient in cyber-security? Are they ISO accredited? Do they understand the particular nuances of your business sector, and what your customers expect of you?


Trust is an essential factor in an IT partnership. A good IT company will have long-standing loyal customers, loyal staff, and low staff turnover. Trust is powerful, it’s good for innovation, and productivity in helping you attain your business goals.


How good customer service impacts your bottom line

On any normal day, working with an IT company is fine. It’s when your problems really hit the fan, you find out if your outsourced IT partner has your back. When you choose a partner, it’s easy to go for cheaper contracts, or they are nearer to your business than another.


The questions you really need to ask are as follows: What is the quality and calibre of their support desk like? How quickly will they get you back up and running? There are companies out there who will start disassembling everything in the building to get you back up and running. Or do they approach problems with simple fault-finding questions first (because sometimes it can be something really simple).

An efficient and well-run help desk will resolve your issues quickly, smoothly and on time, cutting down on your staff standstill.


Case studies unveiled

This is a great place to see if the IT company really listens to their customer, helping them to achieve their strategic direction. Outsourced IT is about collaboration and moving forward. Case studies are a great first place to see if they truly support their partner, as they highlight the collaborative nature of the relationship. You can really get a sense as to if the IT company is future-proofing the business and really driving it forward.


Data breach response plan: preparing for the unexpected

When you sign up with an IT support company, you’re allowing them access to the crown jewels of your business. All the information about your customers will be in their hands. With a rapidly developing cyber-threat landscape, the pressure is on to protect your company 24/7.


Absolutely the first question to ask is: Will my information be entirely safe? Will your data have operational flexibility? Will our data be held in compliance? How will keep our data safe and more, from cyber-criminals?


Harnessing the power of software project development

What are your business plans for the future? What happens if your business lands a large contract; a government, or an international contract, or a contract for just six months? Can your IT partner ramp up their IT support when you need it? What if you need software developed and implemented, or an App, web development, or a CRM system? Can they offer you ways of improving how you use IT today and in the future?

In short, what is the added value they will bring to your business?


Harnessing the Potential of Outsourced IT Support 


All the things you find in a marriage; trust, attention to the little things, support when needed, hard work, honesty, and bringing out the absolute best in you and your business, are what a good, outsourced IT company will do for your business.

IT outsourcing offers numerous benefits to business, from improved processes, cost savings and even greater competitive advantage in the marketplace. To find out more about how CNC can improve your business connectivity, contact the team at: or call us on 01273 384 100.

Outsourced IT Support: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Company

By Gary Jowett

Gary has always focused on making sure the most appropriate solution is provided to help customers, not just what's new and shiny. With over 30 years in the IT industry Gary has the experience to tell the difference between something that's game-changing or is just a passing fad!


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